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Shirttail Bend, Wisconsin

Shirttail Bend is a bend located in Waupaca County, WI at N44.38415° W88.79038° (NAD83) and at an elevation of 751 ft MSL.
It can be seen on the USGS 1:24K topographic map Northport, WI.

Feature Type: Bend
Latitude: N44.38415° (NAD83 datum)
Longitude: W88.79038°
Elevation: 751 ft MSL
County: Waupaca County, Wisconsin
USGS 24K Map: Northport, WI
USGS 24K MRC: 44088D7

You can view this location or feature in our Topographic Map Viewer now.

Note:  This 1:24K topographic map could not be automatically processed for inclusion in the
TopoQuest Map Viewer because the original DRG file containing the map is in a different
map projection or datum than most USGS topographic map files (NAD27, UTM projection). 
We will need to process it manually...

Here are some other places near Shirttail Bend that may be of interest:

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude Distance View Map
Abrahams ParkParkN44.3764°W88.7404°2.5 milesView Map
Big CutGutN44.3372°W88.8293°3.8 milesView Map
Black Creek Limestone QuarryMineN44.3483°W88.7308°3.8 milesView Map
Black Dog Farm AirportAirportN44.4707°W88.8253°6.2 milesView Map
Borchardt Clinic (historical)HospitalN44.3933°W88.7412°2.5 milesView Map
Butler LakeSwampN44.4236°W88.8326°3.4 milesView Map
CarmelPopulated PlaceN44.4458°W88.7982°4.3 milesView Map
Cedar CreekStreamN44.4039°W88.7870°1.4 milesView Map
Cedar View School (historical)SchoolN44.4603°W88.7029°6.8 milesView Map
Challenging all Students to Learn Effectively SchoolSchoolN44.3718°W88.7590°1.8 milesView Map
Church of ChristChurchN44.3936°W88.7468°2.2 milesView Map
Cincoe LakeLakeN44.3383°W88.8093°3.3 milesView Map
City of New LondonCivilN44.3950°W88.7393°2.6 milesView Map
Colic BayouGutN44.3275°W88.8551°5.1 milesView Map
Curns AirportAirportN44.3585°W88.7602°2.3 milesView Map
Cutoff School (historical)SchoolN44.3228°W88.8184°4.5 milesView Map
Dalonia AirportAirportN44.3164°W88.7009°6.4 milesView Map
Decker Memorial County ParkParkN44.3019°W88.8821°7.3 milesView Map
Deer LakeSwampN44.4305°W88.8423°4.1 milesView Map
Devils ElbowBendN44.3050°W88.8626°6.5 milesView Map
Elm School (historical)SchoolN44.3444°W88.7584°3.2 milesView Map
Emanuel CemeteryCemeteryN44.4372°W88.7409°4.4 milesView Map
Emanuel Church (historical)ChurchN44.4308°W88.7029°5.4 milesView Map
Emanuel Evangelical Lutheran ChurchChurchN44.3855°W88.7379°2.6 milesView Map
Emanuel Lutheran SchoolSchoolN44.3851°W88.7380°2.6 milesView Map
Embarrass RiverStreamN44.3922°W88.7365°2.7 milesView Map
Emmanuel School (historical)SchoolN44.4311°W88.7029°5.4 milesView Map
First Congregational United Church of ChristChurchN44.3872°W88.7390°2.5 milesView Map
Floral Hill CemeteryCemeteryN44.3722°W88.7536°2.0 milesView Map
Flynn LakeLakeN44.4545°W88.8424°5.5 milesView Map
Franklin ParkParkN44.3889°W88.7365°2.7 milesView Map
Fremont StationLocaleN44.2903°W88.8321°6.8 milesView Map
Gills LandingPopulated PlaceN44.3028°W88.8834°7.3 milesView Map
Gills Landing Station (historical)LocaleN44.3066°W88.8812°7.0 milesView Map
Golden Hill School (historical)SchoolN44.4308°W88.7120°5.0 milesView Map
Hatten ParkParkN44.3864°W88.7565°1.7 milesView Map
Hobart CemeteryCemeteryN44.3678°W88.8795°4.5 milesView Map
Horseshoe BayouGutN44.3528°W88.8243°2.7 milesView Map
Jenny BayouGutN44.3153°W88.8598°5.9 milesView Map
Lincoln Elementary SchoolSchoolN44.3869°W88.7378°2.6 milesView Map
Little Boom IslandIslandN44.2922°W88.8668°7.4 milesView Map
Little CutGutN44.3519°W88.8168°2.6 milesView Map
Little Horseshoe BayouLakeN44.3572°W88.8224°2.4 milesView Map
Little Wolf RiverStreamN44.3816°W88.8001°0.5 milesView Map
Lone Pine School (historical)SchoolN44.4455°W88.7879°4.2 milesView Map
Lowell BayouGutN44.3486°W88.8287°3.1 milesView Map
Maple Creek Cemetery Number 1CemeteryN44.4308°W88.7129°5.0 milesView Map
Maple Creek Cemetery Number 2CemeteryN44.4308°W88.6970°5.6 milesView Map
McFaul AirportAirportN44.3399°W88.7814°3.1 milesView Map
McKinley Public School (historical)SchoolN44.3936°W88.7468°2.2 milesView Map
Memorial Hospital (historical)HospitalN44.3880°W88.7395°2.5 milesView Map
Mill CutGutN44.3466°W88.8351°3.4 milesView Map
Mosquito HillSummitN44.3814°W88.7034°4.3 milesView Map
Most Precious Blood CemeteryCemeteryN44.3690°W88.7562°2.0 milesView Map
Most Precious Blood Roman Catholic ChurchChurchN44.3866°W88.7393°2.5 milesView Map
Most Precious Blood SchoolSchoolN44.3865°W88.7385°2.6 milesView Map
Mouse CreekStreamN44.4139°W88.8723°4.5 milesView Map
Mukwa Bottomland Forest State Natural AreaParkN44.3861°W88.7995°0.5 milesView Map
Mukwa State Wildlife AreaParkN44.3861°W88.7873°0.2 milesView Map
New LondonPopulated PlaceN44.3928°W88.7398°2.6 milesView Map
New London City HallBuildingN44.3928°W88.7401°2.6 milesView Map
New London Fire DepartmentBuildingN44.3935°W88.7461°2.3 milesView Map
New London High SchoolSchoolN44.3718°W88.7591°1.8 milesView Map
New London Middle / Intermediate SchoolSchoolN44.3862°W88.7504°2.0 milesView Map
New London Police DepartmentBuildingN44.3936°W88.7468°2.2 milesView Map
New London Post OfficePost OfficeN44.3911°W88.7395°2.6 milesView Map
New London Public LibraryBuildingN44.3900°W88.7382°2.6 milesView Map
New London Public MuseumBuildingN44.3897°W88.7382°2.6 milesView Map
New London Wastewater Treatment PlantLocaleN44.3900°W88.7525°1.9 milesView Map
North ReadfieldPopulated PlaceN44.2866°W88.7696°6.8 milesView Map
NorthportPopulated PlaceN44.4097°W88.7940°1.8 milesView Map
Northport AirportAirportN44.3907°W88.8522°3.1 milesView Map
Northport Census Designated PlaceCensusN44.4082°W88.8038°1.8 milesView Map
Oak Grove School (historical)SchoolN44.3672°W88.7743°1.4 milesView Map
Oakwood School (historical)SchoolN44.4378°W88.7576°4.0 milesView Map
Old Ostrander CemeteryCemeteryN44.3953°W88.8282°2.0 milesView Map
OstranderPopulated PlaceN44.3928°W88.8379°2.4 milesView Map
Ostrander-Northport CemeteryCemeteryN44.3914°W88.8198°1.5 milesView Map
Parfitt LandingLocaleN44.3630°W88.8143°1.9 milesView Map
Parkview Elementary SchoolSchoolN44.3817°W88.7513°1.9 milesView Map
Partridge Crop LakeLakeN44.3489°W88.8610°4.3 milesView Map
Pine Grove School (historical)SchoolN44.4236°W88.8393°3.6 milesView Map
Poppy's Rock State Natural AreaParkN44.3544°W88.7601°2.5 milesView Map
Potters CreekStreamN44.3414°W88.8001°3.0 milesView Map
Rawhide Boys CampLocaleN44.3097°W88.8509°6.0 milesView Map
RoyaltonPopulated PlaceN44.4128°W88.8629°4.1 milesView Map
Royalton CemeteryCemeteryN44.4097°W88.8698°4.3 milesView Map
Saint John CemeteryCemeteryN44.3080°W88.7823°5.3 milesView Map
Saint John the Evangelist Episcopal ChurchChurchN44.3939°W88.7407°2.5 milesView Map
Saint Johns School (historical)SchoolN44.3086°W88.7940°5.2 milesView Map
Saint Patrick CemeteryCemeteryN44.4391°W88.7965°3.8 milesView Map
Saint Patrick ChurchChurchN44.4464°W88.7982°4.3 milesView Map
Saint Pauls CemeteryCemeteryN44.2872°W88.8537°7.4 milesView Map
Sandy Knoll School (historical)SchoolN44.3047°W88.7790°5.5 milesView Map
School of Enterprise MarketingSchoolN44.3718°W88.7590°1.8 milesView Map
Seventh Day Adventist ChurchChurchN44.3850°W88.7412°2.4 milesView Map
Shaky LakeLakeN44.3117°W88.7264°5.9 milesView Map
Shaky Lake State Natural AreaParkN44.3114°W88.7229°6.0 milesView Map
Shaw LandingPopulated PlaceN44.3664°W88.8093°1.5 milesView Map
Shirttail BendBendN44.3841°W88.7904°0.0 milesView Map
Stanleys LandingLocaleN44.3416°W88.8587°4.5 milesView Map
Stanleys Landing School (historical)SchoolN44.3411°W88.8804°5.3 milesView Map
Starr AcademySchoolN44.3086°W88.8483°6.0 milesView Map
Sugar BushPopulated PlaceN44.4816°W88.7359°7.3 milesView Map
Sugar Bush Elementary SchoolSchoolN44.4825°W88.7293°7.4 milesView Map
Templeton BayouGutN44.2936°W88.8598°7.1 milesView Map
ThedaCare Medical Center - New LondonHospitalN44.3814°W88.7339°2.8 milesView Map
Tom BayouLakeN44.3691°W88.8048°1.3 milesView Map
Town of CaledoniaCivilN44.2908°W88.7880°6.4 milesView Map
Town of LebanonCivilN44.4596°W88.7982°5.2 milesView Map
Town of Maple CreekCivilN44.4652°W88.6971°7.2 milesView Map
Town of MukwaCivilN44.3715°W88.8036°1.1 milesView Map
Traders BayouLakeN44.3587°W88.8080°2.0 milesView Map
Vic-to-Rae CampLocaleN44.3978°W88.8379°2.5 milesView Map
Washington Junior High SchoolSchoolN44.3861°W88.7454°2.2 milesView Map
Waupaca RiverStreamN44.3055°W88.8812°7.0 milesView Map
Wolf River State Fishery AreaParkN44.4016°W88.7707°1.6 milesView Map

Note: Coordinates in the location and feature list above are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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