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Unionville, New York Topographic Map

USGS Map Title: Unionville, NY
USGS Map MRC: 41074C5
DRG (GeoTIFF) Download: o41074c5.tif

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Map MRC Location:

H8 H7 H6 H5 H4 H3 H2 H1
G8 G7 G6 G5 G4 G3 G2 G1
F8 F7 F6 F5 F4 F3 F2 F1
E8 E7 E6 E5 E4 E3 E2 E1
D8 D7 D6 D5 D4 D3 D2 D1
C8 C7 C6 C5 C4 C3 C2 C1
B8 B7 B6 B5 B4 B3 B2 B1
A8 A7 A6 A5 A4 A3 A2 A1

Unionville, NY USGS 1:24K Topographic Map Preview:
Unionville, NY USGS Topographic Map
Click on map above to begin viewing in our Map Viewer.

This topographic map contains these locations and features:
Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Air Tractor HeliportAirportN41.2912°W74.5504°884946View Map
Art Fords LakeReservoirN41.3368°W74.5370°2439879View Map
Bastek HeliportAirportN41.3209°W74.5038°978229View Map
BushvillePopulated PlaceN41.3726°W74.5699°972287View Map
Bushville School (historical)SchoolN41.3725°W74.5700°2095520View Map
Coal Tree FarmLocaleN41.3308°W74.5442°2439880View Map
Exit 2CrossingN41.3736°W74.6139°2416843View Map
First Presbyterian Church of WesttownChurchN41.3383°W74.5387°2714705View Map
Green Ridge Golf CourseLocaleN41.3578°W74.5208°2439877View Map
GreenvillePopulated PlaceN41.3606°W74.6166°951772View Map
Greenville School (historical)SchoolN41.3614°W74.6164°2095521View Map
Greenville Township Volunteer Ambulance CorpsBuildingN41.3644°W74.6005°2720737View Map
Greenville Township Volunteer Fire DepartmentBuildingN41.3706°W74.6164°2735109View Map
Greenville United Methodist ChurchChurchN41.3606°W74.6172°2440273View Map
HanfordPopulated PlaceN41.2954°W74.5629°882934View Map
Hanson Memorial ParkParkN41.3347°W74.5689°2440154View Map
JohnsonPopulated PlaceN41.3662°W74.5065°954102View Map
Johnson Volunteer Fire Department Rutgers Engine Company 1BuildingN41.3666°W74.5056°2734928View Map
Keiths FarmLocaleN41.3603°W74.5781°2559689View Map
Kezialain FarmLocaleN41.3281°W74.5075°2559688View Map
Lake ArkinReservoirN41.3463°W74.5931°942553View Map
Laurel HillSummitN41.3334°W74.5168°955086View Map
Lenape Volunteer Ambulance CorpsBuildingN41.3016°W74.5619°2720740View Map
Liberty CornersLocaleN41.2809°W74.5132°955271View Map
Lockenhurst PondLakeN41.3277°W74.5505°955780View Map
LogtownPopulated PlaceN41.3434°W74.5985°972735View Map
MillsburgPopulated PlaceN41.3729°W74.5254°957357View Map
Minisink CemeteryCemeteryN41.3304°W74.5492°957408View Map
Minisink Heritage MuseumBuildingN41.3217°W74.5667°2439884View Map
Minisink School (historical)SchoolN41.3464°W74.5614°2095522View Map
Minisink School Number 1 (historical)SchoolN41.3222°W74.5800°2095523View Map
Mount SalemPopulated PlaceN41.3145°W74.6160°878589View Map
Our Lady of the Scapular ChurchChurchN41.3022°W74.5650°2714689View Map
OwensPopulated PlaceN41.2637°W74.5279°879062View Map
Owens School (historical)SchoolN41.2614°W74.5297°2091474View Map
QuarryvillePopulated PlaceN41.2565°W74.5796°879565View Map
RockportPopulated PlaceN41.3093°W74.5982°879764View Map
Rocky Bar Tree FarmLocaleN41.3372°W74.5733°2439883View Map
Slate Hill HeliportAirportN41.3720°W74.5071°978148View Map
Sleepy Hills OrchardLocaleN41.3575°W74.5036°2559694View Map
Smith CornersPopulated PlaceN41.3698°W74.6149°965469View Map
Sudol FarmsLocaleN41.3219°W74.5056°2439876View Map
Town of GreenvilleCivilN41.3740°W74.5945°979023View Map
Town of MinisinkCivilN41.3324°W74.5377°979226View Map
UnionvillePopulated PlaceN41.3020°W74.5615°968233View Map
Unionville CemeteryCemeteryN41.2992°W74.5611°2439875View Map
Unionville Fire DepartmentBuildingN41.3004°W74.5596°2715928View Map
Unionville Presbyterian ChurchChurchN41.3023°W74.5650°2714690View Map
Unionville Village HallBuildingN41.3017°W74.5626°2715143View Map
Van SycklesPopulated PlaceN41.2709°W74.5779°883156View Map
Village of UnionvilleCivilN41.3015°W74.5622°2391176View Map
Waterloo MillsPopulated PlaceN41.3226°W74.5771°973205View Map
WesttownPopulated PlaceN41.3368°W74.5399°970944View Map
Westtown Airport (historical)AirportN41.3621°W74.5247°978368View Map
Westtown School (historical)SchoolN41.3389°W74.5378°2095524View Map
Willow LakeReservoirN41.3545°W74.5740°2439881View Map
Wolf Pit Rod And Gun ClubLocaleN41.2875°W74.6053°2091473View Map

Note: Coordinates in the location and feature list above are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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