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State: OR - Oregon
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Feature Type: Plains

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Agate DesertPlainN42.4290°W122.8984°1116784View Map
Alvord DesertPlainN42.5354°W118.4560°1116901View Map
Antelope DesertPlainN42.9518°W121.8661°1137239View Map
Beede DesertPlainN43.8802°W118.2855°1137882View Map
Benson PlateauPlainN45.6319°W121.8526°1137934View Map
Fish Creek DesertPlainN43.2240°W122.4289°1142150View Map
Frazier UplandPlainN44.1210°W121.7697°1155344View Map
High DesertPlainN43.6665°W120.3344°1166765View Map
Knot TablelandPlainN42.4857°W121.3822°1144692View Map
La Voy TablesPlainN42.8079°W118.9991°1122877View Map
Lane PlateauPlainN44.1550°W121.8385°1144815View Map
Lower DesertPlainN44.4832°W121.4012°1145613View Map
Oregon DesertPlainN42.7460°W122.1906°1147262View Map
Pumice DesertPlainN43.0332°W122.1261°1148037View Map
Rocky PlateauPlainN42.0871°W121.0414°1126243View Map
Sage PlainsPlainN43.4221°W120.5136°1130978View Map
Ya Whee PlateauPlainN42.4757°W121.6878°1152679View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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