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State: OH - Ohio
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Feature Type: Forests

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Beaver Creek State ForestForestN40.7487°W80.6770°1037745View Map
Blue Rock State ForestForestN39.8412°W81.8585°1038134View Map
Chaplin State ForestForestN41.5945°W81.3598°1038995View Map
Fernwood State ForestForestN40.3240°W80.7090°1051070View Map
Gifford State ForestForestN39.4473°W81.9090°1083169View Map
Goll WoodsForestN41.5520°W84.3547°1055290View Map
Harrison County State ForestForestN40.3359°W80.9984°1052100View Map
Hocking State ForestForestN39.4334°W82.5415°1076056View Map
Marietta State Forest NurseryForestN39.3698°W81.3885°1076342View Map
Marietyta Unit Office - Athens Ranger DistrictForestN39.3645°W81.3965°1083372View Map
Maumee State ForestForestN41.4687°W83.8994°1043065View Map
Memorial Shrine Forest PreserveForestN40.5928°W82.3204°1051134View Map
Miami Whitewater ForestForestN39.2403°W84.7297°1043247View Map
Mitchell Memorial ForestForestN39.1839°W84.7305°1059370View Map
Mohican State ForestForestN40.6106°W82.3129°1061527View Map
Mount Airy ForestForestN39.1651°W84.5749°1043532View Map
Perry State ForestForestN39.7695°W82.2082°1085192View Map
Rentschler Forest PreserveForestN39.4201°W84.4961°1044946View Map
Richland Furnace State ForestForestN39.1740°W82.6066°1044981View Map
Scioto Trail State ForestForestN39.2576°W82.9407°1046042View Map
Sunfish Creek State ForestForestN39.8104°W80.8368°1061284View Map
Tar Hollow State ForestForestN39.3509°W82.7716°1046951View Map
Wayne National ForestForestN38.6994°W82.5147°1048405View Map
Wayne National Forest - Athens Ranger District - Athens UnitForestN39.5626°W82.1874°1083677View Map
Wayne National Forest - Athens Ranger District - Marietta UnitForestN39.5626°W81.1873°1083678View Map
Wayne National Forest - Ironton Ranger DistrictForestN38.6876°W82.4971°1083679View Map
Wild Cat Thicket (historical)ForestUnknownUnknown1068711
Zaleski State ForestForestN39.2595°W82.3990°1077249View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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