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State: MS - Mississippi
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Feature Type: Bays

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This search matched 28 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Back Bay of BiloxiBayN30.4194°W88.9009°666442View Map
Biloxi BayBayN30.3838°W88.8289°667174View Map
Dickerson ArmBayN33.2790°W88.7948°669253View Map
Grand BayBayN30.3671°W88.3845°670575View Map
Graveline BayBayN30.3699°W88.7028°670619View Map
Heron BayBayN30.1846°W89.4756°711736View Map
Jose BayBayN30.3555°W88.4142°672032View Map
Lac La BucheBayN30.3655°W88.5859°672237View Map
Little BayBayN30.3608°W89.2809°672534View Map
Little BayBayN30.2199°W89.0948°693739View Map
Little BendBayN30.2346°W89.0798°672542View Map
Magnolia BendBayN30.4302°W88.9278°673066View Map
Man of War HarborBayN30.2810°W89.0514°711037View Map
Middle BayBayN30.3794°W88.4036°673521View Map
Mississippi SoundBayN30.2669°W88.5167°1629976View Map
Murdocks EddyBayN30.3941°W89.6767°689515View Map
Old Orchard BayBayN33.8084°W89.7318°675220View Map
Pascagoula BayBayN30.3508°W88.6014°691595View Map
Pelahatchie BayBayN32.3932°W90.0126°690664View Map
Point Aux Chenes BayBayN30.3449°W88.4295°676168View Map
Railroad CornerBayN30.3688°W88.5934°676456View Map
Saint Louis BayBayN30.3510°W89.3170°691608View Map
Ship Island HarborBayN30.2219°W88.9717°677721View Map
Smugglers CoveBayN30.2099°W89.0950°678055View Map
Sunfish BayBayN34.7329°W90.1126°678410View Map
The LagoonBayN30.2327°W88.8945°678664View Map
Whitfield BightBayN30.3716°W89.3081°679644View Map
Willow CoveBayN34.4065°W89.8037°679736View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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