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State: ME - Maine
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Feature Type: Valleys

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Big CanyonValleyN45.1476°W70.8904°562150View Map
Big Sag BasinValleyN45.1259°W70.6580°562230View Map
Caribou ValleyValleyN45.0079°W70.3580°563545View Map
Coon HollowValleyN44.5266°W70.7296°564339View Map
Dead Horse GulchValleyN46.8729°W69.0113°564871View Map
Dry GorgeValleyN46.0584°W68.8958°565309View Map
Kezar Falls GorgeValleyN44.1949°W70.8203°1908060View Map
Moose Cave GorgeValleyN44.6112°W70.9454°1908091View Map
Mother Walker Falls GorgeValleyN44.5716°W70.9088°1908094View Map
Ripogenus GorgeValleyN45.8756°W69.1507°574230View Map
Screw Auger Falls GorgeValleyN44.5717°W70.8973°1908181View Map
Shad GullyValleyN43.7338°W70.4677°575273View Map
Slidedown ValleyValleyN45.7262°W70.3473°575551View Map
Snow Falls GorgeValleyN44.3020°W70.5379°1908185View Map
Upper Saint John River ValleyValleyN47.0672°W67.7908°2071862View Map
Wadleigh ValleyValleyN45.7468°W69.1434°577768View Map
Witherle RavineValleyN45.9079°W68.9502°578631View Map
York ValleyValleyN45.9000°W68.9328°578880View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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