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State: MA - Massachusetts
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Feature Type: Basins

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This search matched 24 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Assonet BayBasinN41.8126°W71.0912°613037View Map
Bay State QuarryBasinN42.6779°W70.6453°1980756View Map
Butternut BasinBasinN42.1704°W73.3143°606030View Map
Creed BasinBasinN42.5434°W70.3695°1829014View Map
First BasinBasinN42.6901°W70.2861°1829010View Map
Gannerys QuarryBasinN42.6784°W70.6495°1980757View Map
Gloucester BasinBasinN42.5101°W70.3945°1829007View Map
Hole in RockBasinN42.2107°W71.0509°612938View Map
North Tillies BasinBasinN42.6518°W70.2911°1829001View Map
Pleasant ValleyBasinN42.3570°W71.7662°610529View Map
Polygon BasinBasinN42.5668°W70.4161°1828999View Map
Rands HarborBasinN41.6512°W70.6300°615559View Map
Salvages BasinBasinN42.6651°W70.3945°1828997View Map
SawpitBasinN41.8407°W70.6442°615360View Map
Stenos BasinBasinN42.4901°W70.4528°1828994View Map
Thacher BasinBasinN42.6151°W70.4395°1829019View Map
The BasinBasinN42.6687°W72.9107°607854View Map
The BathtubBasinN41.2937°W70.2000°1974701View Map
The CoveBasinN42.3668°W73.0718°608031View Map
The CoveBasinN42.8168°W70.3778°1829015View Map
The HopperBasinN42.6490°W73.1818°607477View Map
The Volcanic CraterBasinN42.2362°W72.9676°617451View Map
West Tillies BasinBasinN42.5518°W70.3145°1829020View Map
Wings HoleBasinN41.8462°W70.6475°615476View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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