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Horse Island, New Mexico

Horse Island is a island located in Sierra County, NM at N33.17979° W107.19336° (NAD83) and at an elevation of 4494 ft MSL.
It can be seen on the USGS 1:24K topographic map Elephant Butte, NM.

Feature Type: Island
Latitude: N33.17979° (NAD83 datum)
Longitude: W107.19336°
Elevation: 4494 ft MSL
County: Sierra County, New Mexico
USGS 24K Map: Elephant Butte, NM
USGS 24K MRC: 33107B2

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Topographic Map of Horse Island, NM
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Here are some other places near Horse Island that may be of interest:

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude Distance View Map
10A Water WellWellN33.1278°W107.2570°5.1 milesView Map
11A Water WellWellN33.1278°W107.2556°5.1 milesView Map
19 Water WellWellN33.1295°W107.2611°5.2 milesView Map
Ash CanyonValleyN33.1434°W107.1848°2.6 milesView Map
Ash SpringSpringN33.0931°W107.1456°6.6 milesView Map
Ashland ClaimMineN33.0945°W107.2506°6.8 milesView Map
Ashland MineMineN33.0870°W107.2422°7.0 milesView Map
Austin Church of GodChurchN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Beaver CanyonValleyN33.1665°W107.1659°1.8 milesView Map
Bert Cook WellWellN33.2737°W107.1075°8.2 milesView Map
Black ChiefMineN33.1417°W107.2834°5.8 milesView Map
Black Chief ClaimsMineN33.1428°W107.2861°5.9 milesView Map
Black Jack MineMineN33.0903°W107.2439°6.8 milesView Map
Block 41 Water WellWellN33.1262°W107.2520°5.0 milesView Map
Blue Jacket ProspectMineN33.0862°W107.2450°7.1 milesView Map
Caballo ConeSummitN33.1015°W107.2284°5.8 milesView Map
Caballo Mountains Historical MarkerParkN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Caballo Spring WindmillLocaleN33.0806°W107.1845°6.9 milesView Map
Caņon de MuertoValleyN33.1895°W107.1242°4.1 milesView Map
Cedar CanyonValleyN33.2481°W107.1953°4.7 milesView Map
Central Christian ChurchChurchN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Chambers Canyon Historic SiteLocaleN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Church of ChristChurchN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Church of GodChurchN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Church of the NazareneChurchN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
City of Elephant ButteCivilN33.1811°W107.2269°1.9 milesView Map
City of Truth or ConsequencesCivilN33.1351°W107.2549°4.7 milesView Map
Conon Del MuertoValleyN33.1704°W107.1070°5.0 milesView Map
Cottonwood CanyonValleyN33.2598°W107.1398°6.3 milesView Map
Coyote CanyonValleyN33.1528°W107.1995°1.9 milesView Map
Cuchillo Community Allotment ReservoirReservoirN33.2569°W107.2850°7.5 milesView Map
Cuchillo Negro CreekStreamN33.1484°W107.2211°2.7 milesView Map
Dakota Group MineMineN33.0915°W107.2539°7.0 milesView Map
Dakota MineMineN33.0884°W107.2492°7.1 milesView Map
Desert Springs Lutheran ChurchChurchN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Diamond A Ranch MineMineN33.1262°W107.2289°4.2 milesView Map
Double CanyonSlopeN33.2565°W107.1467°5.9 milesView Map
Dredge Tailings ThreeMineN33.1334°W107.2598°5.0 milesView Map
East Third Church of ChristChurchN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Elephant ButteSummitN33.1567°W107.1845°1.7 milesView Map
Elephant ButtePopulated PlaceN33.1487°W107.1848°2.2 milesView Map
Elephant Butte CemeteryCemeteryN33.1445°W107.1734°2.7 milesView Map
Elephant Butte Dam Historical MarkerParkN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Elephant Butte DikeDamN33.1534°W107.2073°2.0 milesView Map
Elephant Butte EstatesPopulated PlaceN33.1870°W107.2075°1.0 milesView Map
Elephant Butte Fire DepartmentBuildingN33.2017°W107.2258°2.4 milesView Map
Elephant Butte Post Office (historical)Post OfficeN33.1487°W107.1848°2.2 milesView Map
Elephant Butte ReservoirReservoirN33.2386°W107.1748°4.2 milesView Map
Elephant Butte Weather StationLocaleN33.1487°W107.1848°2.2 milesView Map
EllisMineN33.1334°W107.2623°5.1 milesView Map
Ellis DepositMineN33.1359°W107.2453°4.3 milesView Map
Engle PointLocaleN33.2540°W107.1875°5.1 milesView Map
First Assembly of God ChurchChurchN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
First Baptist ChurchChurchN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
First Christian ChurchChurchN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Flying Eagle CanyonValleyN33.2609°W107.1495°6.2 milesView Map
Fort McRae (historical)MilitaryN33.1911°W107.1439°3.0 milesView Map
Full Gospel TabernacleChurchN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Geronimo Springs MuseumBuildingN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Geronimo Springs Post OfficePost OfficeN33.1298°W107.2533°4.9 milesView Map
Geronimos Spring Historical MarkerParkN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Government SpringSpringN33.1301°W107.2531°4.9 milesView Map
Hawk Water WellWellN33.1659°W107.2528°3.6 milesView Map
Hendrick House Historic SiteBuildingN33.1284°W107.2506°4.9 milesView Map
Horse IslandIslandN33.1798°W107.1934°0.0 milesView Map
Horse Island Historic SiteLocaleN33.1542°W107.1923°1.8 milesView Map
Hot Springs High SchoolSchoolN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Hot Springs LandingPopulated PlaceN33.2073°W107.2106°2.1 milesView Map
Hot Springs Landing Census Designated PlaceCensusN33.2047°W107.2100°2.0 milesView Map
HS 107 Water WellWellN33.1256°W107.2592°5.3 milesView Map
HS 11 Water WellWellN33.1212°W107.2889°6.9 milesView Map
HS 11-S-2 Water WellWellN33.1220°W107.2867°6.7 milesView Map
HS 111 Water WellWellN33.1181°W107.2867°6.9 milesView Map
HS 118 Water WellWellN33.1145°W107.2909°7.2 milesView Map
HS 12 Water WellWellN33.1220°W107.2867°6.7 milesView Map
HS 125 Water WellWellN33.1167°W107.2903°7.1 milesView Map
HS 13 Water WellWellN33.1223°W107.2884°6.8 milesView Map
HS 131 Water WellWellN33.1265°W107.2709°5.8 milesView Map
HS 153 Water WellWellN33.1167°W107.2886°7.0 milesView Map
HS 161 Water WellWellN33.1167°W107.2886°7.0 milesView Map
HS 169 Water WellWellN33.1153°W107.2881°7.1 milesView Map
HS 18 Water WellWellN33.1223°W107.2884°6.8 milesView Map
HS 19 Water WellWellN33.1167°W107.2867°6.9 milesView Map
HS 21 Water WellWellN33.1223°W107.2934°7.0 milesView Map
HS 25 Water WellWellN33.1167°W107.2828°6.8 milesView Map
HS 294 Water WellWellN33.1265°W107.2709°5.8 milesView Map
HS 309 Water WellWellN33.1228°W107.2745°6.1 milesView Map
HS 40 Water WellWellN33.1167°W107.2850°6.9 milesView Map
HS 40-S Water WellWellN33.1167°W107.2850°6.9 milesView Map
HS 58 Water WellWellN33.1278°W107.2570°5.1 milesView Map
HS 73 Water WellWellN33.1256°W107.2548°5.2 milesView Map
HS-11-S Water WellWellN33.1201°W107.2914°7.0 milesView Map
HS-4 Water WellWellN33.1265°W107.2539°5.1 milesView Map
IllinoisMineN33.0928°W107.2306°6.4 milesView Map
Independence MineMineN33.0870°W107.2422°7.0 milesView Map
Jose CanyonValleyN33.1509°W107.1761°2.2 milesView Map
Jungles GateChannelN33.1754°W107.1731°1.2 milesView Map
KCHS-AM (Truth or Consequence)TowerN33.1406°W107.2325°3.5 milesView Map
Kettle Top ButteSummitN33.2354°W107.1561°4.4 milesView Map
Kettle Top Butte SiteLocaleN33.1542°W107.1917°1.8 milesView Map
LA 49030LocaleN33.1283°W107.2522°4.9 milesView Map
Lakeshore Fire DepartmentBuildingN33.2432°W107.1944°4.4 milesView Map
Lincoln ClaimMineN33.0915°W107.2539°7.0 milesView Map
Lincoln MineMineN33.0884°W107.2492°7.1 milesView Map
Lions BeachBeachN33.1959°W107.2075°1.4 milesView Map
Little Johnnie MineMineN33.1015°W107.2389°6.0 milesView Map
Little Johnnie MineMineN33.1045°W107.2403°5.9 milesView Map
Long PointCapeN33.2356°W107.1925°3.9 milesView Map
Long RidgeRidgeN33.1634°W107.1961°1.1 milesView Map
Lost CanyonValleyN33.2373°W107.1909°4.0 milesView Map
Lots 14 and 15 Water WellWellN33.1312°W107.2556°4.9 milesView Map
McRae CanyonValleyN33.1954°W107.1653°1.9 milesView Map
Mescal CanyonValleyN33.1478°W107.2164°2.6 milesView Map
Mescal SpringSpringN33.1165°W107.1928°4.4 milesView Map
Mims LakeLakeN33.1594°W107.2220°2.2 milesView Map
Mn Chavez Reservoir Number 1ReservoirN33.2684°W107.2752°7.7 milesView Map
Monticello Point RuinLocaleN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Mud Springs CanyonValleyN33.1176°W107.2914°7.1 milesView Map
New Mexico State Police District 11 Truth or ConsequencesBuildingN33.1209°W107.2631°5.7 milesView Map
New Mexico State Veterans' HomeBuildingN33.1212°W107.2635°5.7 milesView Map
New Testament Baptist ChurchChurchN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Oakland Vein MineMineN33.0920°W107.2345°6.5 milesView Map
Palomas Narrows RuinLocaleN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Parker WindmillLocaleN33.0851°W107.1764°6.6 milesView Map
Ponce de Leon SpringSpringN33.1278°W107.2536°5.0 milesView Map
Rattlesnake IslandIslandN33.1934°W107.1889°1.0 milesView Map
Red CliffCliffN33.2779°W107.1431°7.4 milesView Map
Reform ChurchChurchN33.1245°W107.2839°6.5 milesView Map
Reynolds CanyonValleyN33.2712°W107.1261°7.4 milesView Map
RG 12459 Water WellWellN33.1451°W107.2250°3.0 milesView Map
RG 13677 Water WellWellN33.1603°W107.2467°3.4 milesView Map
RG 13781 Water WellWellN33.1737°W107.2414°2.8 milesView Map
RG 14334 Water WellWellN33.2212°W107.2795°5.7 milesView Map
RG 15438 Water WellWellN33.1620°W107.2320°2.5 milesView Map
RG 16111 Water WellWellN33.1642°W107.2395°2.9 milesView Map
RG 16131 Water WellWellN33.2009°W107.2323°2.7 milesView Map
RG 16455 Water WellWellN33.1412°W107.2267°3.3 milesView Map
RG 1842 Water WellWellN33.1467°W107.2270°3.0 milesView Map
RG 19482 Water WellWellN33.1703°W107.2578°3.8 milesView Map
RG 23251 Water WellWellN33.1634°W107.2492°3.4 milesView Map
RG 23383 Water WellWellN33.1828°W107.2439°2.9 milesView Map
RG 23516 Water WellWellN33.1812°W107.2439°2.9 milesView Map
RG 23960 Water WellWellN33.1812°W107.2370°2.5 milesView Map
RG 25605 Water WellWellN33.1762°W107.2706°4.5 milesView Map
RG 26670 Water WellWellN33.1848°W107.2750°4.7 milesView Map
Rg 28236 Water WellWellN33.1659°W107.2550°3.7 milesView Map
RG 28960 Water WellWellN33.1667°W107.2495°3.4 milesView Map
RG 30025 Water WellWellN33.1687°W107.2536°3.6 milesView Map
RG 30596 Water WellWellN33.1687°W107.2456°3.1 milesView Map
RG 3927 Water WellWellN33.1687°W107.2436°3.0 milesView Map
RG 4097 Water WellWellN33.1592°W107.2459°3.4 milesView Map
RG 4272 Water WellWellN33.1884°W107.2206°1.7 milesView Map
RG 4273 Water WellWellN33.2151°W107.2250°3.0 milesView Map
RG 4822 Water WellWellN33.1592°W107.2431°3.2 milesView Map
RG 7777 Water WellWellN33.1412°W107.2267°3.3 milesView Map
RG 8789 Water WellWellN33.2045°W107.2220°2.4 milesView Map
Rock CanyonPopulated PlaceN33.2237°W107.2095°3.2 milesView Map
Rock CanyonValleyN33.2281°W107.2056°3.4 milesView Map
Saint Anne HospitalHospitalN33.1403°W107.2423°3.9 milesView Map
Saint Johns Lutheran Missouri SynodChurchN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Saint Pauls Epsicopal ChurchChurchN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Sampson MineMineN33.1251°W107.2273°4.3 milesView Map
Sandia SpringSpringN33.1295°W107.2556°5.0 milesView Map
Seven T X CampLocaleN33.1681°W107.1064°5.1 milesView Map
Seventh Day Adventist ChurchChurchN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Sierra Church of ChristChurchN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Sierra CountyCivilN33.1305°W107.1924°3.4 milesView Map
Sierra County Sheriff's OfficeBuildingN33.1337°W107.2499°4.6 milesView Map
Sierra Vista HospitalHospitalN33.1404°W107.2419°3.9 milesView Map
Sierra Vista Hospital HeliportAirportN33.1431°W107.2417°3.8 milesView Map
State SpringSpringN33.1295°W107.2556°5.0 milesView Map
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day SaintsChurchN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
The JunglesSwampN33.1795°W107.1667°1.5 milesView Map
TingleyMineN33.0931°W107.2311°6.4 milesView Map
Tingley ProspectMineN33.0973°W107.2339°6.2 milesView Map
Truth or ConsequencesPopulated PlaceN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Truth or Consequences Elementary SchoolSchoolN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Truth or Consequences Historical MarkerParkN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Truth or Consequences Middle SchoolSchoolN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Truth or Consequences Municipal AirportAirportN33.2381°W107.2700°6.0 milesView Map
Truth or Consequences Police DepartmentBuildingN33.1292°W107.2562°5.0 milesView Map
Truth or Consequences Post Office (historical)Post OfficeN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Truth or Consequences Public LibraryBuildingN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Truth or Consequences Thermal AreaAreaN33.1334°W107.2589°5.0 milesView Map
Truth Or Consequences Volunteer Fire Department Station 1BuildingN33.1397°W107.2482°4.2 milesView Map
Truth or Consequences Volunteer Fire Department Station 2BuildingN33.1210°W107.2832°6.6 milesView Map
Truth or Consequences Weather StationLocaleN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Turtle MountainSummitN33.1015°W107.2284°5.8 milesView Map
United Pentacostal ChurchChurchN33.1284°W107.2528°4.9 milesView Map
Universal MineMineN33.0920°W107.2345°6.5 milesView Map
Water Tank HillSummitN33.1517°W107.1900°1.9 milesView Map
Water Well 30WellN33.1301°W107.2531°4.9 milesView Map
White Star Vein MineMineN33.0920°W107.2345°6.5 milesView Map
Wild HorseMineN33.0959°W107.2492°6.6 milesView Map
Wild Horse ClaimMineN33.0978°W107.2528°6.6 milesView Map
WilliamsburgPopulated PlaceN33.1162°W107.2934°7.3 milesView Map
Williamsburg Volunteer Fire DepartmentBuildingN33.1178°W107.2878°6.9 milesView Map
Yaple CanyonValleyN33.1595°W107.2378°2.9 milesView Map
Yellowjacket Mine Number 1MineN33.0865°W107.2250°6.7 milesView Map
Yellowjacket Mine Number 2MineN33.0840°W107.2281°6.9 milesView Map

Note: Coordinates in the location and feature list above are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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