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Nugget Lake, Montana

Nugget Lake is a lake located in Stillwater County, MT at N45.20678° W109.89715° (NAD83) and at an elevation of 9311 ft MSL.
It can be seen on the USGS 1:24K topographic map Little Park Mountain, MT.

Feature Type: Lake
Latitude: N45.20678° (NAD83 datum)
Longitude: W109.89715°
Elevation: 9311 ft MSL
County: Stillwater County, Montana
USGS 24K Map: Little Park Mountain, MT
USGS 24K MRC: 45109B8

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Topographic Map of Nugget Lake, MT
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Here are some other places near Nugget Lake that may be of interest:

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude Distance View Map
08S56E14BAAA01 WellWellN45.1472°W109.8285°5.3 milesView Map
Arapooash LakeLakeN45.2462°W109.8476°3.6 milesView Map
Avalanche LakeLakeN45.1822°W109.8112°4.5 milesView Map
Beartooth MountainsRangeN45.1633°W109.8080°5.3 milesView Map
Beckwourth LakeLakeN45.2116°W109.8951°0.3 milesView Map
Big Foot LakeLakeN45.1800°W109.8798°2.0 milesView Map
Big MountainSummitN45.1780°W109.9027°2.0 milesView Map
Big ParkFlatN45.2149°W109.9846°4.3 milesView Map
Big Park Guard StationLocaleN45.2208°W109.9855°4.4 milesView Map
Brown LakeLakeN45.2078°W109.8741°1.1 milesView Map
Cairn MountainSummitN45.1463°W109.8002°6.3 milesView Map
Cataract LakeLakeN45.2799°W109.8969°5.1 milesView Map
Cavity LakeLakeN45.1345°W109.9188°5.1 milesView Map
Clarks CreekStreamN45.1688°W109.9960°5.5 milesView Map
Cold LakeLakeN45.1927°W109.8086°4.4 milesView Map
Copper King MineMineN45.1238°W109.9085°5.8 milesView Map
Copper King MineMineN45.1241°W109.9085°5.7 milesView Map
Corkscrew CreekStreamN45.2102°W109.9860°4.3 milesView Map
Corkscrew LakeLakeN45.1972°W109.9550°2.9 milesView Map
Courthouse LakeLakeN45.1264°W109.9565°6.3 milesView Map
Courthouse MountainSummitN45.1361°W109.9443°5.4 milesView Map
Eedica LakeLakeN45.1898°W109.8992°1.2 milesView Map
Fly LakeLakeN45.1200°W109.9693°7.0 milesView Map
Frenco LakeLakeN45.2133°W109.8843°0.8 milesView Map
Glacier CreekStreamN45.1594°W109.9941°5.7 milesView Map
Glacier Green LakeLakeN45.1438°W109.9245°4.5 milesView Map
Glacier PeakSummitN45.1497°W109.8493°4.6 milesView Map
Goose LakeLakeN45.1168°W109.9139°6.3 milesView Map
Granite GlacierGlacierN45.1699°W109.8060°5.1 milesView Map
Granite PeakSummitN45.1634°W109.8075°5.3 milesView Map
Granite RangeRangeN45.2599°W109.8302°4.9 milesView Map
Grasshopper GlacierGlacierN45.1343°W109.8838°5.0 milesView Map
Grasshopper LakesLakeN45.1424°W109.8902°4.5 milesView Map
Herein CreekStreamN45.2208°W109.9855°4.4 milesView Map
Hidden GlacierGlacierN45.1524°W109.8398°4.7 milesView Map
Hodges MountainSummitN45.1774°W109.9378°2.8 milesView Map
Huckleberry CreekStreamN45.2216°W109.8007°4.8 milesView Map
Huckleberry LakeLakeN45.2092°W109.8061°4.4 milesView Map
Iceberg PeakSummitN45.1305°W109.8877°5.3 milesView Map
Imelda LakeLakeN45.1664°W109.9120°2.9 milesView Map
Incisor LakeLakeN45.1349°W109.9130°5.0 milesView Map
Island LakeLakeN45.2216°W109.8232°3.7 milesView Map
Kid LakeLakeN45.1727°W109.8739°2.6 milesView Map
Knott LakeLakeN45.1608°W109.8862°3.2 milesView Map
La Velle LakeLakeN45.1700°W109.8846°2.6 milesView Map
Lake AriesLakeN45.1123°W109.9668°7.4 milesView Map
Lake WildnessLakeN45.2792°W109.8416°5.7 milesView Map
Leaky Raft LakeLakeN45.1175°W109.8451°6.7 milesView Map
Little Face LakeLakeN45.2451°W109.8544°3.4 milesView Map
Little Goose LakeLakeN45.1259°W109.9071°5.6 milesView Map
Little Goose Lake Number 1 MineMineN45.1222°W109.9118°5.9 milesView Map
Little Goose Lake Number 2 MineMineN45.1222°W109.9052°5.9 milesView Map
Little Park MountainSummitN45.1977°W109.9171°1.2 milesView Map
Lone Elk LakeLakeN45.1121°W109.8318°7.3 milesView Map
Looking Glass LakeLakeN45.1103°W109.8098°7.9 milesView Map
Lower Aero LakeLakeN45.1086°W109.8631°7.0 milesView Map
Memidgi LakeLakeN45.2276°W109.8716°1.9 milesView Map
Mount FoxSummitN45.1213°W109.9302°6.1 milesView Map
Mount HagueSummitN45.2611°W109.8371°4.8 milesView Map
Mount VillardSummitN45.1494°W109.8321°5.1 milesView Map
Mount WilseSummitN45.1319°W109.8668°5.4 milesView Map
Mount WoodSummitN45.2753°W109.8133°6.2 milesView Map
Mount ZimmerSummitN45.1169°W109.8926°6.2 milesView Map
Mystic MountainSummitN45.1677°W109.8405°3.9 milesView Map
Nightmare LakeLakeN45.3060°W109.8826°6.9 milesView Map
Nugget LakeLakeN45.2068°W109.8972°0.0 milesView Map
Octopus CreekStreamN45.1616°W109.9944°5.7 milesView Map
Princess LakeLakeN45.1978°W109.8135°4.1 milesView Map
Roosevelt LakeLakeN45.2507°W109.9736°4.8 milesView Map
Rough LakeLakeN45.1199°W109.8257°6.9 milesView Map
Sawtooth MountainSummitN45.1394°W109.9007°4.7 milesView Map
Shelter LakeLakeN45.1112°W109.8394°7.2 milesView Map
Silver LakeLakeN45.2101°W109.8543°2.1 milesView Map
Sky Top GlacierGlacierN45.1611°W109.8159°5.1 milesView Map
Sky Top LakesLakeN45.1376°W109.8204°6.1 milesView Map
Snowball LakesLakeN45.1905°W109.8213°3.9 milesView Map
Sourdough LakeLakeN45.1143°W109.9682°7.3 milesView Map
Spider LakeLakeN45.1190°W109.9661°6.9 milesView Map
Splinter LakeLakeN45.1074°W109.8541°7.2 milesView Map
Star LakeLakeN45.1689°W109.8631°3.1 milesView Map
Storm CreekStreamN45.2669°W109.9560°5.0 milesView Map
Storm LakesLakeN45.1723°W109.8299°4.1 milesView Map
Storm MountainSummitN45.2211°W109.9299°1.9 milesView Map
Twin PeaksSummitN45.2513°W109.8893°3.1 milesView Map
Upper Aero LakeLakeN45.1267°W109.8410°6.2 milesView Map
Upper Corkscrew LakeLakeN45.1877°W109.9538°3.1 milesView Map
Weeluna LakeLakeN45.2338°W109.8696°2.3 milesView Map
West Fishtail Creek LakesLakeN45.2944°W109.8073°7.5 milesView Map
Wolf GlacierGlacierN45.1515°W109.9065°3.8 milesView Map
Wolf LakesLakeN45.1513°W109.8876°3.9 milesView Map
Wolf MountainSummitN45.1502°W109.9135°4.0 milesView Map
Wolf Voice LakeLakeN45.1567°W109.9177°3.6 milesView Map
Wood LakeLakeN45.2752°W109.8347°5.6 milesView Map
Woodbine LakeLakeN45.2996°W109.8761°6.5 milesView Map
Wounded Man CreekStreamN45.2363°W109.9785°4.5 milesView Map
Wrong LakeLakeN45.1371°W109.9635°5.8 milesView Map
Zimmer LakeLakeN45.1199°W109.8840°6.0 milesView Map

Note: Coordinates in the location and feature list above are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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