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Rillito Vista Park, Arizona

Rillito Vista Park is a park located in Pima County, AZ at N32.41535° W111.15483° (NAD83) and at an elevation of 2053 ft MSL.
It can be seen on the USGS 1:24K topographic map Marana, AZ.

Feature Type: Park
Latitude: N32.41535° (NAD83 datum)
Longitude: W111.15483°
Elevation: 2053 ft MSL
County: Pima County, Arizona
USGS 24K Map: Marana, AZ
USGS 24K MRC: 32111D2

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Topographic Map of Rillito Vista Park, AZ
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Here are some other places near Rillito Vista Park that may be of interest:

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude Distance View Map
Adonis Mobile Home SubdivisionPopulated PlaceN32.4509°W111.1947°3.4 milesView Map
Arizona Department of Corrections Marana SchoolSchoolN32.4177°W111.2414°5.1 milesView Map
Arizona State Prison Marana Community Correctional Treatment FacilityBuildingN32.4177°W111.2411°5.0 milesView Map
AvraPopulated PlaceN32.3279°W111.2182°7.1 milesView Map
Avra Valley Road InterchangeCrossingN32.4009°W111.1309°1.7 milesView Map
Bread of Life Assembly of GodChurchN32.4022°W111.1566°0.9 milesView Map
Busterville MineMineN32.3281°W111.1818°6.2 milesView Map
Cam-Boh Picnic AreaParkN32.3190°W111.1662°6.7 milesView Map
Church of ChristChurchN32.4385°W111.2277°4.5 milesView Map
Clarey RanchLocaleN32.3584°W111.1448°4.0 milesView Map
Cochie CanyonValleyN32.4878°W111.1229°5.3 milesView Map
Contzen PassGapN32.3254°W111.1276°6.4 milesView Map
CortaroPopulated PlaceN32.3562°W111.0884°5.6 milesView Map
Cortaro Post OfficePost OfficeN32.3540°W111.0883°5.7 milesView Map
Cortaro Railroad StationBuildingN32.3598°W111.0887°5.4 milesView Map
Cortaro Road InterchangeCrossingN32.3587°W111.0898°5.5 milesView Map
Cortaro Vista Community ChurchChurchN32.3637°W111.0711°6.1 milesView Map
Coyote Trail Elementary SchoolSchoolN32.3538°W111.1073°5.1 milesView Map
Crooked Tree Golf CourseLocaleN32.3750°W111.0555°6.4 milesView Map
DeGrazia Elementary SchoolSchoolN32.3732°W111.0730°5.6 milesView Map
Denny Dunn ParkParkN32.3451°W111.0587°7.4 milesView Map
Desert Son Community ChurchChurchN32.3601°W111.0771°5.9 milesView Map
Dove Mountain Golf ResortLocaleN32.4610°W111.0887°5.0 milesView Map
Eberhardt RanchLocaleN32.5048°W111.1796°6.3 milesView Map
Estes Elementary SchoolSchoolN32.4540°W111.2063°4.0 milesView Map
Guild WashStreamN32.5012°W111.2487°8.1 milesView Map
Ina Road HeliportAirportN32.3351°W111.0723°7.3 milesView Map
Ina Road InterchangeCrossingN32.3376°W111.0662°7.5 milesView Map
Iron Bell RanchLocaleN32.3390°W111.1029°6.1 milesView Map
KEVT-AM (Cortaro)TowerN32.3417°W111.0709°7.1 milesView Map
KFLT-AM (Tucson)TowerN32.4442°W111.0915°4.2 milesView Map
Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs WitnessesChurchN32.3423°W111.2157°6.2 milesView Map
Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs WitnessesChurchN32.3836°W111.0722°5.3 milesView Map
KinoPopulated PlaceN32.3348°W111.0620°7.8 milesView Map
KLLE-AM (Marana)TowerN32.4201°W111.1351°1.2 milesView Map
KOPO-FM (Marana)TowerN32.3890°W111.1457°1.9 milesView Map
KOPO-FM (Marana)TowerN32.4526°W111.0865°4.7 milesView Map
KUAT-AM (Tucson)TowerN32.3726°W111.0984°4.4 milesView Map
KUAZ-FM (Tucson)TowerN32.3726°W111.0984°4.4 milesView Map
KVOI-AM (Oro Valley)TowerN32.4503°W111.0615°6.0 milesView Map
KXMG-FM (Marana)TowerN32.4526°W111.0865°4.7 milesView Map
Lord of Grace Lutheran ChurchChurchN32.3381°W111.1061°6.0 milesView Map
M-Z Bar RanchLocaleN32.3731°W111.1645°3.0 milesView Map
MaranaLocaleN32.4584°W111.2087°4.3 milesView Map
MaranaPopulated PlaceN32.4367°W111.2254°4.4 milesView Map
Marana Career and Technical High SchoolSchoolN32.4540°W111.2086°4.1 milesView Map
Marana Community Christian ChurchChurchN32.4537°W111.2164°4.5 milesView Map
Marana Elementary SchoolSchoolN32.4548°W111.2087°4.2 milesView Map
Marana High SchoolSchoolN32.3673°W111.2207°5.1 milesView Map
Marana InterchangeCrossingN32.4620°W111.2165°4.8 milesView Map
Marana Middle SchoolSchoolN32.4522°W111.2062°3.9 milesView Map
Marana Municipal ComplexBuildingN32.4477°W111.2110°4.0 milesView Map
Marana ParkParkN32.4481°W111.2062°3.8 milesView Map
Marana Police DepartmentBuildingN32.4478°W111.2109°4.0 milesView Map
Marana Post OfficePost OfficeN32.4488°W111.2089°3.9 milesView Map
Marana Railroad StationBuildingN32.4570°W111.2082°4.2 milesView Map
Marana Regional AirportAirportN32.4062°W111.2174°3.7 milesView Map
McKenzie RanchLocaleN32.5031°W111.1004°6.8 milesView Map
Messiah Lutheran ChurchChurchN32.3843°W111.0710°5.3 milesView Map
New Life Baptist Fellowship ChurchChurchN32.3732°W111.0727°5.6 milesView Map
Northwest Fire District Station 34BuildingN32.3556°W111.1138°4.8 milesView Map
Northwest Fire District Station 36BuildingN32.4514°W111.2130°4.2 milesView Map
Northwest Fire District Station 37BuildingN32.4430°W111.0808°4.7 milesView Map
Northwest Fire District Station 38BuildingN32.3608°W111.0680°6.3 milesView Map
Oasis RanchLocaleN32.3912°W111.0815°4.6 milesView Map
Old West Business ParkLocaleN32.3321°W111.0564°8.1 milesView Map
Panther PeakSummitN32.3460°W111.1653°4.8 milesView Map
Papago Railroad StationBuildingN32.4334°W111.1740°1.7 milesView Map
Picture RocksSummitN32.3231°W111.1273°6.6 milesView Map
Picture RocksPopulated PlaceN32.3459°W111.2462°7.2 milesView Map
Picture Rocks Fire Station 120BuildingN32.3247°W111.2187°7.3 milesView Map
Picture Rocks Fire Station 121BuildingN32.3386°W111.2171°6.4 milesView Map
Pima County Public Library Geasa Marana BranchBuildingN32.4494°W111.2076°3.9 milesView Map
Pima County Sheriff's Office Tucson Mountain DistrictBuildingN32.3185°W111.2187°7.7 milesView Map
Pima County Wastewater Management Ina Road Water Pollution Control FacilityLocaleN32.3335°W111.0693°7.5 milesView Map
Plata Railroad StationBuildingN32.3979°W111.1245°2.1 milesView Map
Praise Center Assembly of God ChurchChurchN32.3276°W111.2292°7.5 milesView Map
Quail Run Elementary SchoolSchoolN32.3606°W111.0646°6.5 milesView Map
Rattlesnake PassGapN32.3762°W111.1429°2.8 milesView Map
Rattlesnake Ridge Elementary SchoolSchoolN32.3606°W111.1234°4.2 milesView Map
Rattlesnake Ridge Elementary SchoolSchoolN32.3585°W111.1268°4.3 milesView Map
Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran ChurchChurchN32.3670°W111.1319°3.6 milesView Map
Redeemer Lutheran SchoolSchoolN32.3667°W111.1324°3.6 milesView Map
RillitoPopulated PlaceN32.4148°W111.1562°0.1 milesView Map
Rillito Census Designated PlaceCensusN32.4157°W111.1549°0.0 milesView Map
Rillito Post OfficePost OfficeN32.4186°W111.1567°0.3 milesView Map
Rillito Railroad StationBuildingN32.4123°W111.1457°0.6 milesView Map
Rillito Vista ParkParkN32.4153°W111.1548°0.0 milesView Map
Ruelas CanyonValleyN32.4617°W111.0707°5.9 milesView Map
Sabino Railroad StationBuildingN32.3817°W111.1095°3.5 milesView Map
Safford PeakSummitN32.3453°W111.1503°4.8 milesView Map
Sahuaro RanchLocaleN32.3415°W111.1170°5.6 milesView Map
Saint Christopher Catholic ChurchChurchN32.4384°W111.2225°4.3 milesView Map
Sandario Baptist ChurchChurchN32.3314°W111.2194°6.9 milesView Map
Sonoran Desert Baptist ChurchChurchN32.3452°W111.0794°6.5 milesView Map
Sun and Shield Baptist ChurchChurchN32.4023°W111.1539°0.9 milesView Map
Sun and Shield Christian AcademySchoolN32.4021°W111.1537°0.9 milesView Map
T-Bench-Bar RanchLocaleN32.4676°W111.0643°6.4 milesView Map
Tangerine InterchangeCrossingN32.4245°W111.1590°0.7 milesView Map
Tangerine LandfillLocaleN32.4226°W111.1869°1.9 milesView Map
The Cool Church Tucson Community ChurchChurchN32.3535°W111.0711°6.5 milesView Map
The Pines Golf Club at MaranaLocaleN32.3614°W111.1011°4.9 milesView Map
The Road ChurchChurchN32.3444°W111.0976°5.9 milesView Map
Thornydale Elementary SchoolSchoolN32.3459°W111.0563°7.5 milesView Map
Thornydale Elementary SchoolSchoolN32.3458°W111.0556°7.5 milesView Map
Tortolita MountainsRangeN32.4903°W111.0618°7.5 milesView Map
Town of MaranaCivilN32.4355°W111.1558°1.4 milesView Map
Tucson Electric Power Company North Loop Generating StationLocaleN32.4008°W111.1263°1.9 milesView Map
Twin PeaksSummitN32.3522°W111.1978°5.0 milesView Map
Twin Peaks Elementary SchoolSchoolN32.3742°W111.1338°3.1 milesView Map
Twin Peaks Elementary SchoolSchoolN32.3742°W111.1339°3.1 milesView Map
Valley of the Sun Mobile Home ParkPopulated PlaceN32.4509°W111.2192°4.5 milesView Map
Wild Burro CanyonValleyN32.4751°W111.0904°5.6 milesView Map
Wild Horse RanchLocaleN32.3309°W111.1095°6.4 milesView Map

Note: Coordinates in the location and feature list above are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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