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Welcome to the TopoQuest Map Viewer!
Roland Park, MD is a populated place located in Baltimore (city) County at N39.35455° W76.63414° (NAD83). This is the nearest place in the USGS place names database to the center of the map view below.  Look below the map view for a list of other places and locations that are visible within this map view.  If you need to locate a landmark or feature, you can search for its location on our Find Places page.  If you need to locate a specific USGS topographic map, try our Find Maps page.

USGS Map Name:  Baltimore West, MD    Map MRC: 39076C6
Map Center:  N39.35455°  W76.63414°    Datum: NAD83    Zoom: 4m/pixel

Places Within This Map View:
Place Type Coordinates (click to center)
Roland ParkPopulated PlaceN39.35455° W76.63414°
Roland Park Branch Enoch Pratt Free LibraryBuildingN39.35594° W76.63497°
Homewood SchoolSchoolN39.35288° W76.63441°
Roland Park Post OfficePost OfficeN39.35671° W76.63418°
Roland Park Country SchoolSchoolN39.35699° W76.63486°
Roland Park Elementary / Middle SchoolSchoolN39.35757° W76.63408°
Roland Park Middle SchoolSchoolN39.35816° W76.63219°
Roland Park Presbyterian ChurchChurchN39.35011° W76.63441°
Baltimore City Fire Station 5BuildingN39.35039° W76.63591°
Saint Davids Day SchoolSchoolN39.34949° W76.63545°
Gilman SchoolSchoolN39.36024° W76.63400°
Saint Davids Episcopal ChurchChurchN39.34788° W76.63608°
Trinity Church of the BrethrenChurchN39.34733° W76.63552°
School of Mary Our QueenSchoolN39.35872° W76.62802°
Roland Avenue-Evergreen United Methodist ChurchChurchN39.34705° W76.63052°
Evergreen Methodist Church (historical)ChurchN39.34705° W76.63052°
Friends SchoolSchoolN39.35705° W76.62608°
Saint Marys SeminarySchoolN39.36066° W76.63997°
Cathedral of Mary Our QueenChurchN39.35872° W76.62608°
Stony Run Friends Meeting HouseChurchN39.35677° W76.62525°
Notre DameLocaleN39.35261° W76.62497°
Schenley Recreation CenterParkN39.34511° W76.63080°
HomelandPopulated PlaceN39.35816° W76.62441°
Bryn Mawr SchoolSchoolN39.36427° W76.62914°
The Bryn Mawr Little SchoolSchoolN39.36436° W76.62920°
Baltimore Country ClubLocaleN39.35566° W76.64525°
Grace United Methodist PreschoolSchoolN39.36059° W76.62472°
Western High SchoolSchoolN39.34720° W76.64264°
A Child's Place / College of Notre DameSchoolN39.35154° W76.62315°
EvergreenPopulated PlaceN39.34511° W76.62747°
Fourier HallBuildingN39.35278° W76.62250°
Village Square of Cross Keys Shopping CenterLocaleN39.35538° W76.64608°
Fourier LibraryBuildingN39.35288° W76.62219°
Saint Marys OrphanageBuildingN39.34233° W76.63441°
Newman TowersBuildingN39.34556° W76.62583°
Dorothy Day HallBuildingN39.34667° W76.62472°
Baltimore Polytechnic InstituteSchoolN39.34601° W76.64305°
Mary Meletia HallBuildingN39.35205° W76.62191°
Grace United Methodist ChurchChurchN39.36205° W76.62414°
Seton CourtBuildingN39.34667° W76.62417°
Baltimore Academy of VisitationSchoolN39.36733° W76.63469°
Village of Cross KeysPopulated PlaceN39.35733° W76.64664°
Virginia Kelly Rice HallSchoolN39.35222° W76.62139°
Lange CourtBuildingN39.34722° W76.62333°
Theresa HallBuildingN39.35167° W76.62111°
Gibbons HallBuildingN39.35150° W76.62108°
Hopkins CourtBuildingN39.34667° W76.62306°
Campion TowerBuildingN39.34528° W76.62417°
Church of the Redeemer Day SchoolSchoolN39.36496° W76.62528°
Marion Burk Knott Sports and Activities ComplexBuildingN39.35167° W76.62056°
College of Notre Dame of MarylandSchoolN39.35151° W76.62029°
Noyes Alumnae HouseBuildingN39.35000° W76.62056°
Knott HallBuildingN39.34639° W76.62222°
LeClerc HallBuildingN39.35150° W76.61997°
Church of the RedeemerChurchN39.36511° W76.62414°
Doyle HallBuildingN39.35066° W76.61997°
Donnelly Science CenterBuildingN39.34583° W76.62222°
Sellinger School of Business and ManagementSchoolN39.34667° W76.62139°
Tennis CourtsLocaleN39.35222° W76.61917°
Egenton HomeLocaleN39.36427° W76.64580°
Cohn HallBuildingN39.34611° W76.62139°
Memorial Chapel of Our LadyChurchN39.34650° W76.62108°
Morrissy Honors HouseBuildingN39.35111° W76.61917°
Knott Science CenterBuildingN39.35000° W76.61944°
Maryland HallBuildingN39.34667° W76.62083°
Interchange 9CrossingN39.34511° W76.64691°
Beatty HallBuildingN39.34583° W76.62083°
George C Jenkins Science BuildingBuildingN39.34594° W76.62052°
Dechiaro College CenterBuildingN39.34667° W76.61972°
Notre Dame Alumnae FieldParkN39.35000° W76.61806°
Loyola University MarylandSchoolN39.34650° W76.61913°
Reverend Francis X Knott, Society of Jesus, Humanities CenterBuildingN39.34639° W76.61917°
Interchange 10CrossingN39.36038° W76.65025°
Saint Marys CemeteryCemeteryN39.35288° W76.61691°
Andrew White Student CenterBuildingN39.34694° W76.61833°

Note: Coordinates listed above are datum selected on the sidebar.
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Note (5/31/2016) - Want a crosshair at the center coordinates of the map?  A number of people have asked, so that option has been added!

Note (6/26/2013) - Map sizes are now larger, and an extra-large (1280x1280) option has been added as well.

Note (8/18/2010) - The transition to the new TopoQuest server is now complete.  Aside from a glitch that affected the TopoZone alternative map.asp script much of Monday (8/17/2010) afternoon and evening, all went pretty smoothly.  Response time of the TopoQuest website overall should be much snappier, and addition of more 1m satellite / aerial imagery is back underway!

Note (8/2/2010) - Full USGS 1:100K and 1:250K topographic map coverage of the continental US is now completed and online.  Plus, I have the new TopoQuest server under construction with a 9TB RAID6 disk array to continue adding satellite/aerial photo coverage.  Yay!

Note (7/21/2009) - Locations of places of interest (from the USGS placenames database) within the map area you are viewing are now listed below the map when viewing at 64m/pixel or below.  You can click the name of the place to go to its description page, or click the coordinates to recenter your map view on that place.

Note (6/1/2009) - We've started adding 1m/pixel aerial and satellite imagery, starting with Oregon and slowly branching out from there.  Please be patient, it takes a very long time to download and process all this imagery, as well as huge amounts of disk space!

Note (3/07/2009) - We've started adding 1:100K and 1:250K scale USGS topographic maps, starting with southern Oregon and moving out from there.  Coverage will be a bit sparse at first while we crank up automated processing of map tiles at these topographic map scales.  To view 1:100K and 1:250K scale topos, you'll need to manually select them from the sidebar (the Choose Automatically selection will not select these map scales until we have more coverage).  You can use the coverage map types to see what areas we've already processed and have online.  Also note that satellite photo coverage isn't meant to be particularly useful at this point, it's just (very) experimental.

Note (7/31/2008) - We've started adding 1:50K scale topographic maps of Canada, starting with British Columbia.  The Canadian topographic map coverage is still a bit experimental, and integration into the map viewer still needs a little work.  The map viewer will not yet automatically select the 1:50K scale topographic maps, so if you're trying to view maps in Canada, you may need to manually switch to the 1:50K Topo Maps selection in the Map Contents section of the sidebar.

Note (4/15/2008) - With the demise of non-subscription access to TopoZone (now merged with, a subscription service), we're scrambling to process all topographic maps for the US and make them available as quickly as possible.  We now have four Linux PC's crunching map data 24/7 to produce and index map data continuously.  We should be adding approximately fifteen 1 degree x 1 degree blocks of map data (approximately 1000 individual 7.5 minute 1:24000 topo maps) per day.  We're starting with southern Oregon (because that's where we live!) and northern California and branching out from there.

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