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Taylors Bridge, Delaware Topographic Map

USGS Map Title: Taylors Bridge, DE
USGS Map MRC: 39075D5
DRG (GeoTIFF) Download: o39075d5.tif

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Map MRC Location:

H8 H7 H6 H5 H4 H3 H2 H1
G8 G7 G6 G5 G4 G3 G2 G1
F8 F7 F6 F5 F4 F3 F2 F1
E8 E7 E6 E5 E4 E3 E2 E1
D8 D7 D6 D5 D4 D3 D2 D1
C8 C7 C6 C5 C4 C3 C2 C1
B8 B7 B6 B5 B4 B3 B2 B1
A8 A7 A6 A5 A4 A3 A2 A1

Note:  This 1:24K topographic map could not be automatically processed for inclusion in the
TopoQuest Map Viewer because the original DRG file containing the map is in a different
map projection or datum than most USGS topographic map files (NAD27, UTM projection). 
We will need to process it manually...

This topographic map contains these locations and features:
Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Alloway Hope HalfwayStreamN39.4943°W75.5111°874310View Map
Angle Rod CreekStreamN39.4337°W75.5613°213562View Map
Appoquinimink Range LightsLocaleN39.4451°W75.5924°217757View Map
Appoquinimink RiverStreamN39.4479°W75.5802°213568View Map
Appoquinimink Wildlife AreaParkN39.4459°W75.5802°217079View Map
Artificial IslandIslandN39.4993°W75.5396°213575View Map
Artificial IslandIslandN39.4757°W75.5360°874388View Map
Augustine CreekStreamN39.4957°W75.5869°213582View Map
Augustine State Wildlife Management AreaParkN39.4784°W75.6013°217671View Map
Baker RangeChannelN39.4626°W75.5663°217077View Map
Baker RangeChannelN39.4751°W75.5621°882771View Map
Baker ShoalBarN39.4834°W75.5463°882619View Map
Bay View BeachLocaleN39.4862°W75.5899°213606View Map
Beaver BranchStreamN39.3957°W75.6191°213612View Map
Blackbird CreekStreamN39.4387°W75.5741°213674View Map
Cedar SwampSwampN39.4057°W75.5562°213781View Map
Cedar Swamp State Wildlife Management AreaParkN39.3959°W75.5496°217672View Map
Collins BeachPopulated PlaceN39.3854°W75.5219°216068View Map
Daniels TractPopulated PlaceN39.3834°W75.5344°215600View Map
Delaware PointCapeN39.3776°W75.5155°213876View Map
Delaware RiverStreamN39.4326°W75.5288°217887View Map
Delaware River and Bay MonumentLocaleN39.4176°W75.5399°216467View Map
Fennimore BridgeBridgeN39.4654°W75.6135°217073View Map
Fennimore LandingPopulated PlaceN39.4451°W75.5924°216089View Map
Fishing CreekStreamN39.4290°W75.5971°213962View Map
Fishing CreekStreamN39.4814°W75.5225°876357View Map
Gravel GutGutN39.4321°W75.5758°214015View Map
Hangmans RunStreamN39.4471°W75.6019°214053View Map
Hart House (historical)BuildingN39.4157°W75.5483°1877471View Map
Hope CreekStreamN39.4505°W75.5011°877241View Map
Hope Creek (historical)AirportN39.4726°W75.5335°882349View Map
Hope Creek JettyDamN39.4473°W75.5074°877242View Map
Liston House (historical)BuildingN39.4048°W75.5427°1877469View Map
Liston PointCapeN39.4168°W75.5413°217080View Map
Liston RangeChannelN39.4043°W75.5010°217081View Map
Lower BreakGutN39.4629°W75.5944°214258View Map
Middle DrainGutN39.4115°W75.5416°214299View Map
Mill CreekStreamN39.4307°W75.5841°214312View Map
Peach House DitchGutN39.4221°W75.5527°214433View Map
Pools BottomBasinN39.4834°W75.6219°217075View Map
Public Service Electric and Gas Nuclear Limited Liability Company EMSBuildingN39.4658°W75.5313°2614041View Map
Rays DitchGutN39.4240°W75.5624°214519View Map
Red BankLeveeN39.4223°W75.6002°214522View Map
Reedy Island DikeDamN39.4879°W75.5721°214531View Map
Reedy Island NeckCapeN39.4876°W75.6038°217076View Map
River Shore DitchGutN39.4137°W75.5419°214546View Map
Robs IslandIslandN39.4301°W75.5685°217078View Map
Saint Augustine LandingLocaleN39.4957°W75.5871°215610View Map
Salem-Hope Creek Nuclear Power PlantLocaleN39.4628°W75.5358°884515View Map
Silver RunStreamN39.4787°W75.5921°214650View Map
Silver Run Wildlife AreaParkN39.4765°W75.5996°217074View Map
Skunk Hill DitchCanalN39.4509°W75.5844°214662View Map
Stave LandingPopulated PlaceN39.4315°W75.6010°216226View Map
Stony PointCapeN39.4607°W75.5163°880949View Map
Taylors BridgeLocaleN39.4062°W75.5891°214722View Map
Taylors BridgeBridgeN39.4048°W75.5994°214723View Map
The Big DitchGutN39.4379°W75.5849°214728View Map
The Big DitchStreamN39.4382°W75.5816°215644View Map
The IslandIslandN39.4576°W75.5905°214731View Map
The IslandPopulated PlaceN39.4573°W75.5910°215602View Map
The RocksIslandN39.4396°W75.5969°214735View Map
Thomas LandingPopulated PlaceN39.4482°W75.6130°216233View Map
Thoroughfare NeckCapeN39.3757°W75.5371°214743View Map
Upper BreakGutN39.4701°W75.5958°214790View Map
Vance NeckCapeN39.4754°W75.6177°214793View Map
Vogel House (historical)BuildingN39.3779°W75.5344°1877470View Map
White Oak DitchGutN39.4187°W75.5569°214841View Map
Wisacco Cipus (historical)StreamN39.3918°W75.5219°217200View Map

Note: Coordinates in the location and feature list above are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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