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Stockton, Utah Topographic Map

USGS Map Title: Stockton, UT
USGS Map MRC: 40112D3
DRG (GeoTIFF) Download: o40112d3.tif

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Map MRC Location:

H8 H7 H6 H5 H4 H3 H2 H1
G8 G7 G6 G5 G4 G3 G2 G1
F8 F7 F6 F5 F4 F3 F2 F1
E8 E7 E6 E5 E4 E3 E2 E1
D8 D7 D6 D5 D4 D3 D2 D1
C8 C7 C6 C5 C4 C3 C2 C1
B8 B7 B6 B5 B4 B3 B2 B1
A8 A7 A6 A5 A4 A3 A2 A1

Stockton, UT USGS 1:24K Topographic Map Preview:
Stockton, UT USGS Topographic Map
Click on map above to begin viewing in our Map Viewer.

This topographic map contains these locations and features:
Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Bald MountainSummitN40.3972°W112.2749°1425257View Map
Balsam HollowValleyN40.4519°W112.2538°1425269View Map
BauerPopulated PlaceN40.4719°W112.3622°1425327View Map
Beartrap FlatFlatN40.4661°W112.2574°1425368View Map
Ben Harrison GulchValleyN40.4733°W112.3491°1425416View Map
Ben Harrison MineMineN40.4663°W112.3291°1454661View Map
Bevans GulchValleyN40.4658°W112.2783°1425450View Map
Buckhorn SpringSpringN40.3916°W112.2613°1437297View Map
Calumet MineMineN40.4486°W112.3311°1435238View Map
Commodore PassGapN40.3980°W112.2705°1435341View Map
Edwards ForkValleyN40.4658°W112.2780°1427750View Map
Edwards PassGapN40.4436°W112.2830°1427751View Map
Hidden Treasure MineMineN40.3880°W112.2719°1435672View Map
Honerine MineMineN40.4583°W112.3411°1455325View Map
Jacob CityLocaleN40.3866°W112.2763°1437298View Map
Kelsey CanyonValleyN40.4649°W112.2574°1435815View Map
Left Hand Fork Kelsey CanyonValleyN40.4649°W112.2549°1429566View Map
Left Hand Stump ForkValleyN40.4630°W112.2838°1429574View Map
Legion Park CampgroundLocaleN40.4980°W112.2874°1435856View Map
Lynch RidgeRidgeN40.3780°W112.2599°1430024View Map
North Fork Soldier CreekStreamN40.4305°W112.2533°1436041View Map
Pipe HollowValleyN40.4294°W112.2952°1436140View Map
Queen of the Hills MineMineN40.3849°W112.2836°1436187View Map
Right Hand Dry ForkValleyN40.4649°W112.2794°1431823View Map
Right Hand ForkValleyN40.4769°W112.2719°1454321View Map
Right Hand Fork Kelsey CanyonValleyN40.4649°W112.2549°1431830View Map
Right Hand Stump ForkValleyN40.4630°W112.2838°1431836View Map
Sharp MountainSummitN40.4011°W112.2636°1432362View Map
Shoofly HillSummitN40.3980°W112.2705°1436348View Map
Silcox CanyonValleyN40.4930°W112.3274°1432447View Map
South Fork Soldier CreekStreamN40.4258°W112.2658°1432710View Map
Southport GulchValleyN40.4586°W112.3555°1432776View Map
StocktonPopulated PlaceN40.4527°W112.3608°1432990View Map
Stockton BarRidgeN40.4658°W112.3669°1450518View Map
Stockton CemeteryCemeteryN40.4591°W112.3653°1436436View Map
Stockton Police DepartmentBuildingN40.4515°W112.3599°2730508View Map
Stockton Post OfficePost OfficeN40.4559°W112.3605°2767350View Map
Stockton Volunteer Fire DepartmentBuildingN40.4549°W112.3608°2627399View Map
Tad ParkPopulated PlaceN40.4999°W112.3391°1455155View Map
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day SaintsChurchN40.4572°W112.3586°1437077View Map
Tip Top MineMineN40.4583°W112.3302°1455545View Map
Tooele County Detention CenterBuildingN40.4936°W112.3332°2769026View Map
Tooele County SheriffBuildingN40.4937°W112.3325°2769025View Map
Tooele PeakSummitN40.4997°W112.2505°1437290View Map
Town of StocktonCivilN40.4496°W112.3674°2413337View Map
Water Fork Settlement CanyonValleyN40.4636°W112.2555°1454322View Map

Note: Coordinates in the location and feature list above are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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