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Portageville, Missouri Topographic Map

USGS Map Title: Portageville, MO
USGS Map MRC: 36089D6
DRG (GeoTIFF) Download: o36089d6.tif

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Map MRC Location:

H8 H7 H6 H5 H4 H3 H2 H1
G8 G7 G6 G5 G4 G3 G2 G1
F8 F7 F6 F5 F4 F3 F2 F1
E8 E7 E6 E5 E4 E3 E2 E1
D8 D7 D6 D5 D4 D3 D2 D1
C8 C7 C6 C5 C4 C3 C2 C1
B8 B7 B6 B5 B4 B3 B2 B1
A8 A7 A6 A5 A4 A3 A2 A1

Portageville, MO USGS 1:24K Topographic Map Preview:
Portageville, MO USGS Topographic Map
Click on map above to begin viewing in our Map Viewer.

This topographic map contains these locations and features:
Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Adams CemeteryCemeteryN36.4328°W89.6479°713141View Map
Arbuckle CemeteryCemeteryN36.4281°W89.6701°713369View Map
Atkinson CemeteryCemeteryN36.4337°W89.6451°713467View Map
Baker CemeteryCemeteryN36.4295°W89.6334°713560View Map
Beech Grove Methodist Church (historical)ChurchN36.4656°W89.6298°730306View Map
Beech Grove School (historical)SchoolN36.4656°W89.6317°746774View Map
Beech Grove School (historical)SchoolN36.4715°W89.6545°746797View Map
Branham CemeteryCemeteryN36.4259°W89.7392°714634View Map
BrentLocaleN36.3787°W89.7265°730281View Map
Brent School (historical)SchoolN36.3784°W89.7245°746775View Map
Carter School (historical)SchoolN36.4137°W89.7195°746776View Map
City of PortagevilleCivilN36.4295°W89.6994°2396256View Map
ConranPopulated PlaceN36.4834°W89.6467°716204View Map
Crabtree CemeteryCemeteryN36.4281°W89.7337°716446View Map
De LislePopulated PlaceN36.3934°W89.7173°739563View Map
Grape Ridge School (historical)SchoolN36.4834°W89.6815°746780View Map
HaywardPopulated PlaceN36.3987°W89.6701°719270View Map
Hayward Census Designated PlaceCensusN36.3960°W89.6668°2587079View Map
Hayward SchoolSchoolN36.3934°W89.6729°746795View Map
Hayward School (historical)SchoolN36.3942°W89.6481°746771View Map
JaywyePopulated PlaceN36.4826°W89.7012°740964View Map
Kimes CemeteryCemeteryN36.4167°W89.7184°720586View Map
KMIS-AM (Portageville)TowerN36.4251°W89.6942°754269View Map
KMIS-FM (Portageville)TowerN36.4251°W89.6942°754253View Map
LaFont School (historical)SchoolN36.4478°W89.6817°746796View Map
Little River SchoolSchoolN36.4817°W89.7498°746800View Map
Martin CemeteryCemeteryN36.4351°W89.6287°721919View Map
Martins Chapel (historical)ChurchN36.4345°W89.6415°746773View Map
Meatte CemeteryCemeteryN36.4501°W89.6592°730146View Map
Meatte ParkParkN36.4337°W89.7087°722188View Map
New Becker Church (historical)ChurchN36.4195°W89.7054°746799View Map
New Belford School (historical)SchoolN36.3945°W89.7098°746798View Map
New Salem ChurchChurchN36.4237°W89.6587°723302View Map
O'Bannon School (historical)SchoolN36.4392°W89.6276°730305View Map
Penman AirportAirportN36.4498°W89.6283°758877View Map
Pleasant Grove ChurchChurchN36.4673°W89.7148°724485View Map
Portage BayouCanalN36.4181°W89.7006°736183View Map
PortagevillePopulated PlaceN36.4253°W89.6995°724759View Map
Portageville CemeteryCemeteryN36.4167°W89.7037°724760View Map
Portageville Fire DepartmentBuildingN36.4268°W89.6982°2621203View Map
Portageville Police DepartmentBuildingN36.4251°W89.7004°2752411View Map
Portageville Post OfficePost OfficeN36.4271°W89.6997°2759147View Map
Roher CemeteryCemeteryN36.4076°W89.6898°725538View Map
Scott CemeteryCemeteryN36.4209°W89.6634°726143View Map
Scott School (historical)SchoolN36.4251°W89.6606°746772View Map
Smith-Ellis CemeteryCemeteryN36.4206°W89.7115°730217View Map
Teroy CemeteryCemeteryN36.4145°W89.7026°727536View Map
Walnut Grove School (historical)SchoolN36.4490°W89.6817°746779View Map
Watson CemeteryCemeteryN36.4317°W89.6504°728425View Map
Wood Airport (historical)AirportN36.4806°W89.6287°758650View Map
Zion Rock Church (historical)ChurchN36.4278°W89.7329°746777View Map
Zion Rock School (historical)SchoolN36.4287°W89.7298°746778View Map

Note: Coordinates in the location and feature list above are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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