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State: WY - Wyoming
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Feature Type: Bays

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This search matched 26 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Bearpaw BayBayN43.8469°W110.7247°1585287View Map
Beaver BayBayN42.9619°W109.7815°1598045View Map
Box BayBayN42.9699°W109.7932°1598336View Map
Bridge BayBayN44.5333°W110.4230°1585901View Map
Chambers BayBayN42.9963°W109.8002°1598698View Map
Colter BayBayN43.8966°W110.6491°1609357View Map
Davis BayBayN42.3086°W104.7733°1587365View Map
Eagle BayBayN44.3988°W110.3991°1587970View Map
Flat Mountain ArmBayN44.3724°W110.4127°1588566View Map
Half Moon BayBayN43.8769°W110.6419°1589245View Map
Hell HoleBayN44.6011°W104.7894°1589470View Map
Little Mackinaw BayBayN43.8860°W110.6555°1590821View Map
Mary BayBayN44.5452°W110.3099°1591243View Map
Moosehead BayBayN43.0044°W109.7852°1601551View Map
Moran BayBayN43.8583°W110.7174°1609127View Map
Mulligan HoleBayN43.6502°W107.2228°1591901View Map
Newell BayBayN42.2950°W104.7744°1592016View Map
North Bar BayBayN43.8660°W110.6808°1592096View Map
North Moran BayBayN43.8797°W110.7227°1592240View Map
Pelican BayBayN43.9258°W110.6463°1592656View Map
Sargents BayBayN43.9455°W110.6388°1593946View Map
South ArmBayN44.3316°W110.3338°1594586View Map
Southeast ArmBayN44.3769°W110.2644°1597189View Map
Spalding BayBayN43.8163°W110.6663°1594756View Map
Sylvan BayBayN42.9558°W109.7846°1603495View Map
West ThumbBayN44.4277°W110.5324°1596255View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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