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State: WV - West Virginia
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Feature Type: Rapids

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Double Z RapidsRapidsN38.0496°W81.0429°1877638View Map
Dudleys Dip RapidsRapidsN38.0459°W81.0340°1877637View Map
Fayette Station RapidsRapidsN38.0579°W81.0679°1877641View Map
Grassy Shoals RapidsRapidsN37.8296°W81.0282°1877632View Map
Greyhound RapidsRapidsN38.0515°W81.0512°1877639View Map
Heaven Help You RapidsRapidsN38.2079°W81.0718°1877625View Map
Insignificant RapidsRapidsN38.2029°W80.9123°1877631View Map
Iron Ring RapidsRapidsN38.2015°W80.9598°1877629View Map
Keeneys RapidsRapidsN38.0362°W81.0312°1877636View Map
Koontz Flume RapidsRapidsN38.2321°W81.0273°1877622View Map
Lost Paddle RapidsRapidsN38.1965°W80.9470°1877628View Map
Lower Mash RapidsRapidsN38.2187°W81.0568°1877623View Map
Lower Railroad RapidsRapidsN38.0151°W81.0257°1877619View Map
Millers Folly RapidsRapidsN38.0543°W81.0687°1877640View Map
Pillow Rock RapidsRapidsN38.2057°W80.9348°1877627View Map
Pure Screaming Hell RapidsRapidsN38.2015°W81.0834°1877626View Map
Quinnimont RapidsRapidsN37.8496°W81.0501°1877634View Map
Silo RapidsRapidsN37.9132°W81.0315°1877633View Map
Surprise RapidsRapidsN37.9646°W81.0223°1877635View Map
Sweet Falls RapidsRapidsN38.2140°W80.9687°1877630View Map
The StaircaseRapidsN39.3195°W77.7428°1727798View Map
Upper Mash RapidsRapidsN38.2198°W81.0590°1877624View Map
Upper Railroad RapidsRapidsN38.0112°W81.0259°1877620View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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