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State: WI - Wisconsin
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Feature Type: Military Locations (Historical)

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Antigo Air Force Station (historical)MilitaryN45.0492°W89.2344°2086833View Map
Camp Smith (historical)MilitaryN44.4747°W88.0342°2351145View Map
Camp WilliamsMilitaryN43.9249°W90.2688°2512406View Map
Coast Guard Station KenoshaMilitaryN42.5896°W87.8164°2512537View Map
Coast Guard Station MilwaukeeMilitaryN43.0016°W87.8886°2512123View Map
Coast Guard Station Sturgeon BayMilitaryN44.7943°W87.3135°2512463View Map
Fort Crawford (historical)MilitaryN43.0444°W91.1472°1846365View Map
Fort Koshkonong (historical)MilitaryN42.9269°W88.8311°1840377View Map
Fort McCoyMilitaryN44.0391°W90.6766°2512210View Map
General Mitchell Air Reserve StationMilitaryN42.9339°W87.9048°2512227View Map
Marinette ArmoryMilitaryN45.0891°W87.6340°2512287View Map
Nike Site CM-01R (historical)MilitaryN44.3236°W87.5794°2090219View Map
Nike Site M-64C (historical)MilitaryN42.9244°W88.1333°2091997View Map
Nike Site M-64L (historical)MilitaryN42.9183°W88.1656°2091998View Map
Nike Site M-74C (historical)MilitaryN43.0233°W88.1911°2091999View Map
Nike Site M-74L (historical)MilitaryN43.0050°W88.1931°2092000View Map
Nike Site M-86C (historical)MilitaryN43.1622°W88.1617°2092001View Map
Nike Site M-86L (historical)MilitaryN43.1717°W88.1594°2092002View Map
Osceola Air Force Station (historical)MilitaryN45.2517°W92.6433°2089742View Map
Richard Bong Air Force Base (historical)MilitaryN42.6278°W88.1583°1850144View Map
Truax Army Air Field (historical)MilitaryN43.1389°W89.3375°1989938View Map
Two Creeks Air Force Station (historical)MilitaryN44.3250°W87.5792°2090217View Map
Two Creeks Gap Filler Annex (historical)MilitaryN44.3236°W87.5794°2090218View Map
Volk Field Air National Guard BaseMilitaryN43.9368°W90.2526°2512378View Map
Williams Bay Air Force Station (historical)MilitaryN42.6172°W88.5381°2085559View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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