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State: WA - Washington
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Feature Type: Tunnels

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This search matched 28 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Asarco Smelter TunnelTunnelN47.2978°W122.5072°2573579View Map
Bacon TunnelTunnelN47.5763°W119.3003°1503102View Map
Battery Street SubwayTunnelN47.6157°W122.3454°1503200View Map
Battery Street TunnelTunnelN47.6158°W122.3456°2573580View Map
Cascade TunnelTunnelN47.7426°W121.0695°1517452View Map
Fort Columbia TunnelTunnelN46.2522°W123.9206°2573581View Map
Knapps Hill TunnelTunnelN47.7781°W120.1458°2573582View Map
Lake Keechelus Snowshed TunnelTunnelN47.3556°W121.3661°2573583View Map
Mount Baker Ridge TunnelTunnelN47.5903°W122.2986°2573584View Map
Multon Falls TunnelTunnelN45.8328°W122.3900°2573585View Map
Nelson Bennett TunnelTunnelN47.2962°W122.5198°1506952View Map
New Cascade TunnelTunnelN47.7400°W121.0656°2573587View Map
North PortalTunnelN47.6109°W122.3448°1531803View Map
Old Cascade TunnelTunnelN47.7621°W121.0984°1529739View Map
Palmer Mountain TunnelTunnelN48.8249°W119.6259°1524158View Map
Penstock TunnelTunnelN47.2384°W122.2168°1514345View Map
Rimrock TunnelTunnelN46.6569°W121.1300°2573588View Map
Snoqualmie TunnelTunnelN47.3948°W121.4165°1526022View Map
South PortalTunnelN47.5970°W122.3357°1512871View Map
Stampede TunnelTunnelN47.2721°W121.3429°1526487View Map
Tunnel No. 1TunnelN45.7153°W121.6181°2573590View Map
Tunnel No. 2TunnelN45.7150°W121.6183°2573591View Map
Tunnel No. 3TunnelN45.7178°W121.6103°2573592View Map
Tunnel No. 4TunnelN45.7200°W121.5975°2573593View Map
Tunnel No. 5TunnelN45.7200°W121.5850°2573594View Map
Tunnel on US 2TunnelN47.7306°W121.4072°2573595View Map
Tunnel on WA 123TunnelN46.8461°W121.5278°2573596View Map
Tunnel on WA 14TunnelN45.6875°W121.2753°2573597View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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