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State: TX - Texas
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Feature Type: Harbors

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Avery Point Turning BasinHarborN27.8203°W97.4292°1329881View Map
Brazosport Turning BasinHarborN28.9436°W95.3177°1352851View Map
Brownsville Fishing HarborHarborN25.9770°W97.3400°1372750View Map
Brownsville Ship HarborHarborN25.9520°W97.3994°1372752View Map
Chemical Turning BasinHarborN27.8225°W97.4450°1332703View Map
Conn Brown HarborHarborN27.9103°W97.1333°1333226View Map
Goose Island Passing BasinHarborN25.9776°W97.3269°1373874View Map
Harbor of RefugeHarborN28.5953°W96.6139°1381059View Map
Humble BasinHarborN27.8447°W97.0669°1338278View Map
Inner BasinHarborN27.8495°W97.0605°1338480View Map
La Quinta Turning BasinHarborN27.8767°W97.2614°1339395View Map
Main Turning BasinHarborN27.8134°W97.4036°1340869View Map
Neptune HarborHarborN28.1303°W96.9867°1381049View Map
Port Isabel Turning BasinHarborN26.0606°W97.2136°1375533View Map
Port of GalvestonHarborN29.3071°W94.8042°2498259View Map
Stauffer Turning BasinHarborN28.9511°W95.3355°1369137View Map
Storm HarborHarborN28.4425°W96.7575°1381041View Map
Tule Lake Turning BasinHarborN27.8270°W97.4928°1348834View Map
Upper Turning BasinHarborN28.9408°W95.3294°1370527View Map
Viola Turning BasinHarborN27.8436°W97.5203°1349301View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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