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State: TX - Texas
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Feature Type: Beaches

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Bermuda BeachBeachN29.2094°W94.9241°1381104View Map
Bermuda BeachBeachN29.2161°W94.9146°1384967View Map
Boca Chica BeachBeachN25.9908°W97.1499°1330976View Map
Bolivar BeachBeachN29.4130°W94.6994°1384977View Map
Bryan BeachBeachN28.8986°W95.3508°1353100View Map
Crystal BeachBeachN29.4527°W94.6296°1384999View Map
Del Mar BeachBeachN26.0292°W97.1527°1373368View Map
East BeachBeachN29.3180°W94.7527°1356572View Map
East ShoreBeachN27.8611°W97.1142°1334991View Map
Holiday BeachBeachN27.8222°W97.0589°1337933View Map
Jamaica BeachBeachN29.1947°W94.9774°1381101View Map
Lake Worth BeachBeachN32.8182°W97.4531°1339529View Map
Little ShellBeachN27.2562°W97.3533°1340190View Map
Malaquite BeachBeachN27.4239°W97.2980°1377238View Map
McFaddin BeachBeachN29.6619°W94.0903°1377848View Map
North BeachBeachN27.8222°W97.3869°1333383View Map
Palm BeachBeachN29.2011°W94.9433°1381102View Map
Pirates BeachBeachN29.2033°W94.9338°1381103View Map
Quarantine ShoreBeachN27.9078°W97.0586°1344648View Map
Rockport BeachBeachN28.0297°W97.0394°1345421View Map
Sandy BeachBeachN32.8882°W98.5262°1346575View Map
Screech Owl ReachBeachN32.8804°W96.0294°1346832View Map
Shell BeachBeachN28.6619°W96.3044°1368107View Map
Twin Points BeachBeachN32.8732°W97.4906°1348968View Map
West BeachBeachN29.2177°W94.9094°1371064View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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