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State: TX - Texas
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Feature Type: Arroyos

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This search matched 19 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Bee HollowArroyoN31.7250°W100.5505°1889717View Map
Buck ArroyoArroyoN35.6217°W102.7477°1372783View Map
Butterfield DrawArroyoN31.7160°W100.5225°1889722View Map
Cartwright DrawArroyoN30.1604°W103.2980°1377869View Map
Chambers DrawArroyoN30.1892°W103.9722°1377277View Map
Dietz CreekArroyoN29.5566°W98.2464°1376958View Map
East Dietz CreekArroyoN29.5602°W98.2470°1376960View Map
Hudson DrawArroyoN31.7238°W100.6090°1889728View Map
Kelly CreekArroyoN29.7386°W98.4989°1376988View Map
Lime Kiln DrawArroyoN31.6375°W100.5609°1889720View Map
Murph DrawArroyoN31.6985°W100.5452°1889723View Map
Narvell DrawArroyoN31.6469°W100.5346°1889721View Map
Perry DrawArroyoN31.7370°W100.6208°1889729View Map
Ranch CreekArroyoN29.5949°W98.7039°1377031View Map
Selma CreekArroyoN29.5702°W98.3028°1377044View Map
Shoonover DrawArroyoN31.7349°W100.5487°1889727View Map
T F DrawArroyoN31.7221°W100.6071°1889730View Map
Town CreekArroyoN29.5577°W98.2167°1377059View Map
West Dietz CreekArroyoN29.5602°W98.2470°1377067View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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