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State: SC - South Carolina
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Feature Type: Gaps

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Beasley GapGapN35.0151°W82.7943°1220419View Map
Callas GapGapN34.8906°W83.1735°1221206View Map
Chimneytop GapGapN35.0621°W82.7982°1221569View Map
Cove GapGapN34.9782°W82.8318°1221781View Map
Emory GapGapN35.0440°W82.7537°1222288View Map
Hi Saw GapGapN34.7970°W83.1232°1229793View Map
Hickory GapGapN35.0168°W82.9535°1223132View Map
High Low GapGapN35.0518°W82.6843°1223169View Map
Horse GapGapN34.9843°W82.8221°1223313View Map
Horse GapGapN35.0154°W82.7862°1223314View Map
Laurel Fork GapGapN35.0434°W82.8387°1223828View Map
Lays GapGapN34.9943°W82.8126°1223851View Map
Lower GapGapN35.0987°W82.5835°1224210View Map
Mongold GapGapN34.8704°W83.1885°1230032View Map
Mosley GapGapN34.9821°W82.7551°1224667View Map
Panther GapGapN35.0435°W82.7179°1225287View Map
Reed Mountain GapGapN34.9126°W83.1504°1225800View Map
Rocky GapGapN34.8693°W83.2063°1225981View Map
The Narrow PassageGapN34.6546°W80.1762°1227081View Map
Upper GapGapN35.0962°W82.5943°1227320View Map
Vaughns GapGapN35.1776°W82.2937°1227337View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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