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State: SC - South Carolina
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Feature Type: Falls

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Big FallsFallsN35.1632°W82.3932°1220699View Map
Cedar FallsFallsN34.5404°W80.6854°1235054View Map
Clearwater FallsFallsN34.9204°W82.8810°1229565View Map
Cockers FallsFallsN34.4865°W79.7873°1240836View Map
Gordons FallsFallsN34.7510°W79.9026°1235667View Map
Gordons Mill FallsFallsN34.5935°W81.8548°1234827View Map
Great FallsFallsN34.4035°W82.2379°1234832View Map
Great Falls of CatawbaFallsN34.5790°W80.8779°1230696View Map
Hendricks FallsFallsN34.5090°W81.5984°1232929View Map
Hidden FallsFallsN34.8795°W83.0907°1253462View Map
High FallsFallsN34.8112°W82.9226°1223157View Map
Isaqueena FallsFallsN34.8062°W83.1210°1229841View Map
Kings Creek FallsFallsN34.9662°W83.1113°1251837View Map
Lower FallsFallsN35.0165°W82.9938°1246477View Map
Lower FallsFallsN34.8441°W82.4005°2784428View Map
Pelham FallsFallsN34.8537°W82.2209°1245567View Map
Rainbow FallsFallsN35.1346°W82.5882°1225740View Map
Raven Cliff FallsFallsN35.1057°W82.6610°1225765View Map
Reedy Cove FallsFallsN35.0137°W82.8187°1225813View Map
Reedy River FallsFallsN34.8442°W82.4011°2784426View Map
Sids FallsFallsN34.7561°W83.3078°2783827View Map
Slicking FallsFallsN35.0751°W82.7040°1250929View Map
Spoonauger FallsFallsN34.9745°W83.1096°1230541View Map
The FallsFallsN34.0424°W79.2853°1227074View Map
Upper FallsFallsN34.8450°W82.4008°2784427View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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