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State: SC - South Carolina
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Feature Type: Bends

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This search matched 22 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Big BendBendN34.7895°W82.8779°1220663View Map
Big BottomBendN34.0254°W82.3387°1229410View Map
Cutoff Number NineBendN32.6952°W81.4120°1221886View Map
Cutoff Number TenBendN32.7088°W81.4234°1221885View Map
Daniel Island BendBendN32.8466°W79.9301°1221922View Map
Devils ElbowBendN33.7602°W80.6868°1222003View Map
Devils ElbowBendN34.1196°W79.2192°1222004View Map
Devils ElbowBendN34.1568°W80.6145°1222005View Map
Fork Bottom BendBendN34.8332°W82.9435°1222489View Map
Halfway BendBendN33.3754°W79.4439°1222978View Map
Hole-in-the-WallBendN32.5988°W80.4829°1223221View Map
Horseshoe BendBendN34.8796°W82.2479°1223344View Map
Horseshoe BendBendN33.9874°W79.3309°1228880View Map
Horseshoe BendBendN34.6657°W83.1560°1229825View Map
Horseshoe BendBendN34.8048°W82.1662°1232029View Map
Horseshoe BendBendN34.6065°W82.2882°1245200View Map
Horseshoe BendBendN34.4149°W81.5034°1246074View Map
Horseshoe BendBendN34.7243°W81.8776°1248335View Map
Myers BendBendN32.8218°W79.9295°1224910View Map
Pickens BendBendN34.6407°W82.8474°1231649View Map
Poplar BottomBendN33.9193°W80.9670°1225613View Map
Worly CutBendN34.2352°W79.1289°1227400View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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