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State: OH - Ohio
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Feature Type: Pillars

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This search matched 22 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Alum RockPillarN38.8104°W83.1774°1037387View Map
Buzzardroost RockPillarN38.7659°W83.4507°1038585View Map
Chimney RockPillarUnknownUnknown1074686
Clars RocksPillarUnknownUnknown1074687
Cooks RocksPillarUnknownUnknown1068569
Fort Hamilton MonumentPillarN39.4006°W84.5644°1040586View Map
General Custer MonumentPillarN40.4034°W81.0334°1040810View Map
High RockPillarN38.5884°W82.7974°1076045View Map
Hopewell Culture National Historical ParkPillarN39.3762°W83.0046°1082172View Map
Inscription RockPillarN41.5923°W82.7074°1041982View Map
Lideys RocksPillarUnknownUnknown1074258
Lookout RockPillarN39.3028°W82.3232°1042777View Map
Onalaskas TowerPillarUnknownUnknown1074372
Pinnacle RockPillarUnknownUnknown1070161
Pompeys PillarPillarUnknownUnknown1068637
Rock of AntiquityPillarUnknownUnknown1072017
Steamboat RockPillarUnknownUnknown1068640
Steamboat RockPillarN39.7959°W83.8358°1963078View Map
Stillwells RocksPillarUnknownUnknown1068614
Umbrella RockPillarN40.3242°W81.5782°1047263View Map
White Womans RockPillarN40.3115°W81.9099°1067055View Map
Written RockPillarUnknownUnknown1068468

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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