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State: NY - New York
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Feature Type: Guts

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Big Mucks CreekGutN40.6098°W73.7971°943930View Map
Bostwick CreekGutN41.1101°W72.1190°944474View Map
Bush CreekGutN40.6198°W73.5373°945307View Map
Cheshires CreekGutN40.6193°W73.4835°946538View Map
Crooked CreekGutN40.6040°W73.7099°947778View Map
Dead CreekGutN44.5695°W73.4354°948118View Map
East BayGutN43.5859°W73.3826°948976View Map
Fish CreekGutN44.3148°W74.3668°950123View Map
Fleets CoveGutN40.9023°W73.3868°950267View Map
Goldsmith InletGutN41.0540°W72.4731°951300View Map
Greenhaven ChannelGutN40.9454°W73.7026°2060813View Map
Hog CreekGutN41.0468°W72.1670°952937View Map
Jo Co CreekGutN40.6143°W73.7862°954037View Map
Jonas CreekGutN40.6234°W73.4240°954150View Map
Kelly SloughGutN44.2814°W74.2377°954479View Map
Mattituck InletGutN41.0143°W72.5593°956681View Map
Mill CreekGutN40.8759°W73.1918°957212View Map
Morgan CutGutN43.2190°W76.2052°957661View Map
Mud CreekGutN40.9073°W72.3429°957989View Map
Oak Neck CreekGutN40.9020°W73.5757°959140View Map
Polly GutGutN44.9948°W74.7618°976843View Map
Spuyten Duyvil CreekGutN40.8782°W73.9260°966153View Map
West Meadow CreekGutN40.9387°W73.1404°970793View Map
Wood CreekGutN43.5165°W73.4059°971597View Map
Wood CreekGutN43.5434°W73.4029°971598View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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