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State: NV - Nevada
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Feature Type: Tunnels

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This search matched 15 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Boston TunnelTunnelN40.4491°W118.1549°838988View Map
Boyle TunnelTunnelN39.1674°W119.4968°839040View Map
Clifton TunnelTunnelN39.4955°W117.0690°846913View Map
Cole TunnelTunnelN39.3163°W119.6549°852516View Map
Eberhardt TunnelTunnelN39.2072°W115.4836°859642View Map
First North LateralTunnelN39.4963°W117.0629°846912View Map
Lancaster Tunnel (historical)TunnelN40.7049°W118.0893°846156View Map
North LateralTunnelN39.3113°W119.6446°846091View Map
River Mountains TunnelTunnelN36.0708°W114.9028°843233View Map
Santa Rita TunnelTunnelN39.3169°W119.6538°852517View Map
South LateralTunnelN39.2882°W119.6477°847207View Map
Sutro TunnelTunnelN39.2902°W119.6105°844125View Map
Water TunnelTunnelN37.0436°W116.2039°844677View Map
Wheeler TunnelTunnelN39.2302°W115.4736°861958View Map
White Pine Water Works Tunnel (historical)TunnelN39.2535°W115.4770°864786View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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