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State: NJ - New Jersey
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Feature Type: Valleys

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Chimney Rock GorgeValleyN40.5793°W74.5574°879699View Map
Clinton Brook ValleyValleyN41.1173°W74.4085°875507View Map
Dock Watch HollowValleyN40.5968°W74.5315°875933View Map
German ValleyValleyN40.8037°W74.7360°876592View Map
Havemeyer HollowValleyN41.0893°W74.1851°876994View Map
Hermit HollowValleyN40.6182°W75.0543°877060View Map
Jackson ValleyValleyN40.7748°W74.9866°877391View Map
Long ValleyValleyN40.7459°W74.8329°877929View Map
Middle ValleyValleyN41.0790°W74.1960°878310View Map
Musconetcong ValleyValleyN40.6579°W75.0907°878669View Map
Pequest ValleyValleyN40.8176°W74.9807°879233View Map
Pohatcong ValleyValleyN40.8007°W74.9499°879387View Map
Preakness ValleyValleyN40.9134°W74.2393°879481View Map
Rockaway ValleyValleyN40.8965°W74.4710°879757View Map
Royce ValleyValleyN40.5284°W74.6540°879849View Map
Saddle River ValleyValleyN41.0085°W74.0960°882980View Map
Sparta GlenValleyN41.0409°W74.6240°880779View Map
Sweet HollowValleyN40.6143°W75.0752°881055View Map
Union ValleyValleyN41.0562°W74.4440°881363View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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