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State: NH - New Hampshire
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Feature Type: Beaches

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This search matched 23 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Allen Albee BeachBeachN43.6034°W71.1837°1915869View Map
Alton Town BeachBeachN43.4709°W71.2337°1914978View Map
Bass BeachBeachN42.9718°W70.7689°865408View Map
Brewster BeachBeachN43.5777°W71.2092°1915886View Map
Campers BeachBeachN42.9573°W71.8906°1915278View Map
Center Harbor Town BeachBeachN43.7079°W71.4609°1915014View Map
Clows BeachBeachN43.6117°W71.1467°1915920View Map
Dewey BeachBeachN43.3956°W72.0812°866567View Map
Endicott Park BeachBeachN43.6048°W71.4559°1915027View Map
Foss BeachBeachN43.0115°W70.7389°866935View Map
Gilford BeachBeachN43.5995°W71.3990°1915041View Map
Great East Lake BeachBeachN43.5931°W70.9753°1915978View Map
Jenress BeachBeachN42.9845°W70.7631°867771View Map
Lake Ivanhoe BeachBeachN43.6017°W70.9834°1916013View Map
Lovell Lake BeachBeachN43.5515°W71.0226°1916028View Map
Moultonborough Town BeachBeachN43.6654°W71.3509°1916050View Map
North Hampton BeachBeachN42.9534°W70.7842°1914420View Map
Picnickers BeachBeachN42.9565°W71.8951°1915667View Map
Providence Lake BeachBeachN43.6812°W70.9842°1916091View Map
Rye North BeachBeachN43.0118°W70.7395°869662View Map
State Park BeachBeachN43.3434°W72.0618°871337View Map
Wadleigh State BeachBeachN43.3592°W71.9481°1917360View Map
Wolfeboro Town BeachBeachN43.5798°W71.2412°1916177View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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