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State: ND - North Dakota
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Feature Type: Oilfields

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This search matched 42 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Anderson Coulee Oil FieldOilfieldN47.2636°W103.4435°1033826View Map
Antelope Oil FieldOilfieldN47.9886°W102.7624°1034691View Map
Bear Den Oil FieldOilfieldN47.6958°W102.8999°1034705View Map
Beaver Lodge Oil and Gas FieldOilfieldN48.2970°W102.9452°1027866View Map
Bicentennial Oil FieldOilfieldN47.3953°W103.8674°1033823View Map
Big Stick OilfiledOilfieldN47.1158°W103.4135°1033934View Map
Blue Buttes Oil and Gas FieldOilfieldN47.9072°W102.8796°1034730View Map
Blue Buttes Oil and Gas FieldOilfieldN47.9167°W102.8449°1035644View Map
Bowline Creek Oil FieldOilfieldN47.5814°W103.6119°1033820View Map
Box Car Butte Oil FieldOilfieldN47.6595°W103.6833°1033819View Map
Buckhorn Oil FieldOilfieldN47.3081°W103.5732°1035398View Map
Camel Buttes Oil and Gas FieldOilfieldN47.8617°W102.9355°1034761View Map
Charlson Oil FieldOilfieldN48.1000°W102.9110°1034776View Map
Clear Creek Oil and Gas FieldOilfieldN47.9528°W102.9430°1034789View Map
Devils Pass Oil FieldOilfieldN47.3089°W103.5285°1035397View Map
East Tioga Oil and Gas FieldOilfieldN48.5053°W102.8107°1028787View Map
Elkhorn Ranch Oil FieldOilfieldN47.2722°W103.5255°1033825View Map
Flat Top Butte Oil FieldOilfieldN47.4633°W103.5266°1035412View Map
Fryburg Oil FieldOilfieldN46.8670°W103.3152°1034881View Map
Hofflund Gas and Oil FieldOilfieldN48.2147°W102.9388°1029489View Map
Little Beaver East Oil FieldOilfieldN46.1039°W104.0283°799276View Map
Little Beaver East Oil FieldOilfieldN46.0881°W104.0422°1035630View Map
Little Knife Oil FieldOilfieldN47.3795°W103.0732°1033932View Map
Lone Butte Oil FieldOilfieldN47.5595°W103.0785°1035333View Map
Magpie Oil FieldOilfieldN47.2514°W103.4088°1033827View Map
McGregor Oil and Gas FieldOilfieldN48.5245°W102.9699°1030145View Map
Medora Oil FieldOilfieldN46.8608°W103.5124°1035445View Map
Mondak Oil FieldsOilfieldN47.6820°W103.9891°1033810View Map
North Tioga Gas PlantOilfieldN48.5889°W102.8552°1030482View Map
North Tioga Oil and Gas FieldOilfieldN48.6511°W102.8518°1030483View Map
Pershing Oil and Gas FieldOilfieldN47.7889°W102.9935°1034719View Map
Poker Jim OilfieldOilfieldN47.4820°W103.8074°1035682View Map
Redwing Oil FieldOilfieldN47.6167°W103.5255°1035659View Map
Rocky Ridge OilfieldOilfieldN46.6208°W103.2452°1035554View Map
Rough Rider OilfieldOilfieldN47.3431°W103.5671°1035683View Map
Scairt Woman Oil FieldOilfieldN47.3578°W103.3363°1035417View Map
Scoria Oil FieldOilfieldN46.8664°W103.3935°1035134View Map
Square Butte Oil FieldOilfieldN46.8589°W103.6538°1035499View Map
Stone View Oil and Gas FieldOilfieldN48.7139°W102.9163°1032336View Map
Theodore Roosevelt Oil FieldOilfieldN47.0108°W103.4210°1035359View Map
Tioga Oil and Gas FieldOilfieldN48.4686°W102.8877°1032492View Map
White Earth Oil and Gas FieldOilfieldN48.4536°W102.8077°1032780View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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