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State: ND - North Dakota
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Feature Type: Bends

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This search matched 20 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Apple Creek BottomBendN46.6986°W100.7762°1034626View Map
Beaver River Reaches (historical)BendN46.1697°W100.6157°1034259View Map
Beef Corral BottomBendN46.9786°W103.4946°1034710View Map
Black Foot Bottom (historical)BendN45.9822°W100.5337°1034263View Map
Dry Point Bottom (historical)BendN46.9755°W100.9243°1034622View Map
Fort Clark Bend (historical)BendN47.2558°W101.2315°1034270View Map
Fort Maneury Bend (historical)BendN47.7522°W102.4130°1034284View Map
Graner BottomBendN46.6617°W100.6679°1034633View Map
Great Bend (historical)BendN47.8800°W102.6510°1034286View Map
Horseshoe BendBendN48.5639°W103.5721°1029543View Map
Kimball BottomBendN46.6728°W100.7182°1034630View Map
Little Missouri Bend (historical)BendN47.5711°W102.1955°1034275View Map
Little Muddy Cut-off (historical)BendN48.0111°W103.4730°1034298View Map
Mountaineer Bend (historical)BendN46.9486°W100.9079°1034623View Map
Norwegian Bend (historical)BendN46.9758°W100.9387°1034624View Map
Old Muddy Bend (historical)BendN48.1042°W103.6021°1034297View Map
Parkers Bend (historical)BendN48.0545°W103.3838°1034293View Map
Schmidt BottomBendN46.6819°W100.7504°1034629View Map
The Narrows (historical)BendN47.7620°W102.4657°1034282View Map
Wood Hawk Bend (historical)BendN46.0000°W100.5323°1034258View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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