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State: MI - Michigan
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Feature Type: Harbors

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This search matched 22 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Algonac HarborHarborN42.5795°W82.5449°1624265View Map
Bolles Harbor of RefugeHarborN41.8731°W83.3814°2438236View Map
Conners CreekHarborN42.3598°W82.9560°1623166View Map
Cuttysark HarborHarborN44.7675°W85.5051°1617334View Map
Dog HarborHarborN47.9716°W88.8204°1618474View Map
Duncan L Clinch Yacht HarborHarborN44.7661°W85.6226°1617324View Map
Edward C Grace Memorial HarborHarborN44.9003°W85.4167°2463272View Map
Frankfort HarborHarborN44.6300°W86.2487°2025406View Map
Gillnet HavenHarborN45.6669°W86.6157°1618726View Map
Great Lakes MarinaHarborN43.9525°W83.8794°627276View Map
Harbor BasinHarborN46.5405°W87.3826°627751View Map
Harbor BeachHarborN43.8417°W82.6416°1617039View Map
Harbor of RefugeHarborN43.8497°W82.6383°1618417View Map
Lake Erie Metropark Harbor of RefugeHarborN42.0531°W83.1875°2496216View Map
Lexington State HarborHarborN43.2694°W82.5250°2554074View Map
Monroe Harbor of RefugeHarborN41.8933°W83.3397°2438235View Map
Oscoda Harbor of RefugeHarborN44.4090°W83.3276°2496777View Map
Point Lookout HarborHarborN44.0356°W83.6905°1618628View Map
Port MedusaHarborN45.3206°W85.2953°1617311View Map
Presque Isle HarborHarborN46.5713°W87.3840°635433View Map
Rogers City Yacht HarborHarborN45.4233°W83.8128°1618598View Map
Turning BasinHarborN41.9000°W83.3599°1615193View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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