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State: MI - Michigan
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Feature Type: Flats

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Baraga PlainsFlatN46.6508°W88.5535°620572View Map
Beaver MeadowFlatN42.6508°W85.9483°2105421View Map
Cherry FlatsFlatN42.0187°W85.0991°623156View Map
Comins FlatsFlatN44.6581°W84.0417°623655View Map
Flower FlatsFlatN44.3239°W85.8467°1619937View Map
Gun PlainsFlatN42.5478°W85.5583°627535View Map
Kingston PlainsFlatN46.5502°W86.1971°629729View Map
Maxton PlainsFlatN46.0853°W83.6603°631759View Map
Montreal MeadowsFlatN47.4096°W88.1420°632607View Map
Mulligan PlainsFlatN46.6597°W87.8032°633109View Map
Omer PlainsFlatN44.0636°W83.9133°634058View Map
Ottawa LakebedFlatN41.7853°W83.7469°634177View Map
Peterson ParkFlatN45.4569°W87.5996°634725View Map
Pine PlainsFlatN42.6028°W86.0342°634977View Map
Portage PrairieFlatN41.7884°W86.3175°635287View Map
River ParkFlatN45.2605°W87.7065°635962View Map
Saint Clair FlatsFlatN42.5959°W82.6327°1624882View Map
The SpreadsFlatN46.0366°W86.3682°1622833View Map
Tyler PlainsFlatN44.0847°W83.9105°1615301View Map
Yellow Dog PlainsFlatN46.7319°W87.8632°1616878View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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