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State: MD - Maryland
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Feature Type: Cliffs

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Blackbeards BluffCliffN38.9832°W76.1872°597095View Map
Blue BanksCliffN38.4507°W77.2619°583298View Map
Calvert CliffsCliffN38.5251°W76.5141°591804View Map
Fairhaven CliffsCliffN38.7407°W76.5550°584320View Map
Indian HeadCliffN38.6051°W77.1755°585133View Map
Indian Queen BluffCliffN38.7540°W77.0261°597603View Map
Lovers LeapCliffN39.6659°W78.7778°585617View Map
Nutts CliffsCliffN38.3843°W76.4955°1676595View Map
Owings CliffsCliffN38.7471°W76.5622°586370View Map
Poseys BluffCliffN38.2262°W76.6516°594888View Map
Roosevelt CliffsCliffN38.6365°W76.5202°1676294View Map
Rosier BluffCliffN38.7726°W77.0303°597995View Map
Sevenfoot RockCliffN39.4479°W77.4842°587280View Map
Stony Bar BluffCliffN38.9718°W76.2127°598126View Map
Wailes BluffCliffN38.0657°W76.3649°1697875View Map
Weverton CliffsCliffN39.3307°W77.6769°1714225View Map
White BanksCliffN39.4801°W75.9941°588530View Map
Wildcat PointCliffN39.7154°W76.2227°588248View Map
Wiona CliffsCliffN39.0298°W76.5414°1710780View Map
Yellows BanksCliffN38.1987°W76.4327°595024View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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