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State: LA - Louisiana
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Feature Type: Bars

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Atherton TowheadBarN32.6793°W91.1501°548842View Map
Battledore ReefBarN29.4797°W89.4189°532338View Map
Bird ReefBarN29.3258°W89.9490°542238View Map
Cabbage ReefBarN30.1799°W89.2189°560314View Map
Conocka Shoal (historical)BarN29.7249°W88.8914°560462View Map
Cottonwood BarBarN32.6551°W91.1476°534162View Map
Diamond ReefBarN29.5180°W91.9854°534522View Map
Errol ShoalBarN29.6085°W89.0098°546373View Map
Fish Tail FlatBarN30.1869°W89.1598°560747View Map
Gordon ShoalsBarN31.3613°W93.6452°546116View Map
Isle au Pitre BankBarN30.1721°W89.1481°1627331View Map
Middle GroundBarN30.1727°W89.7828°1628808View Map
Miles BarBarN30.9180°W91.6410°537085View Map
Myth ShoalBarN29.5722°W89.0348°546397View Map
Old Harbor IslandBarN29.7535°W89.0208°1627824View Map
Panola BarBarN31.9046°W91.2159°537959View Map
Parry O'Neill ReefBarN29.2080°W89.1306°542472View Map
Pistol BankBarN30.1974°W89.1912°1627939View Map
Point Au Fer Shell ReefBarN29.3549°W91.3609°1627948View Map
Porpoise ShoalBarN30.2035°W89.1670°1627977View Map
Robinson Reef (historical)BarN29.2058°W89.1939°542478View Map
Sally ShoalBarN29.6563°W91.8712°539107View Map
Shell Rock (historical)BarN29.3366°W89.9581°1629554View Map
Ship ShoalBarN28.9044°W91.0204°543880View Map
Shreves BarBarN30.9838°W91.6540°539360View Map
South Shell Bank FlatsBarN30.1805°W89.1917°1628262View Map
Terrapin ReefBarN29.6691°W91.9179°1628346View Map
Tete Butte ReefBarN29.5830°W92.0929°539835View Map
Waterproof BarBarN31.7885°W91.3743°549377View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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