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State: KY - Kentucky
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Feature Type: Dams

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Barkley DamDamN37.0208°W88.2229°486354View Map
Barren River DamDamN36.8925°W86.1266°486428View Map
Buckhorn DamDamN37.3406°W83.4702°511026View Map
Camp Anthony Meldahl Lock and Dam Ohio RiverDamN38.7904°W84.1488°2362803View Map
Cannelton Locks and DamDamN37.8979°W86.7039°450758View Map
Captain Athony Meldahl Lock and DamDamN38.7945°W84.1717°488918View Map
Cedarmore Lake Dam (historical)DamN38.3284°W85.0160°2728825View Map
Dam Number 11DamN37.0081°W87.4353°517121View Map
Dam Number 12DamN37.4473°W86.6179°517122View Map
Dam Number 12DamN37.6777°W83.9481°517123View Map
Dam Number 2DamN36.5996°W88.6655°517124View Map
Dam Number 2DamN36.9859°W87.4172°517125View Map
Dam Number 2DamN37.0158°W87.2079°517126View Map
Dam Number 3DamN38.9880°W84.5516°2089839View Map
Dam Number 3-ADamN37.0271°W88.9416°517127View Map
Dam Number 32DamN38.6544°W83.3616°2364885View Map
Dam Number 49DamN37.7874°W87.9912°517128View Map
Dam Number 50DamN37.4717°W88.0925°517129View Map
Dam Number 52DamN37.1215°W88.6563°517130View Map
Dam Number 6DamN37.0156°W87.3163°517131View Map
Dam Number 7BDamN37.0671°W87.3147°517132View Map
Dam Number 7CDamN37.0490°W87.1989°517133View Map
Dam Number 8DamN37.0590°W87.3491°517134View Map
Dam Number 9DamN37.0797°W87.1628°517135View Map
Dam Number 9DamN37.3972°W86.5539°517136View Map
Dam Number 9ADamN37.0831°W87.1560°517137View Map
Dam Number 9BDamN37.0773°W87.1696°517138View Map
Dam Number 9CDamN37.0859°W87.1932°517139View Map
Dewey DamDamN37.7368°W82.7288°490848View Map
Dix DamDamN37.7859°W84.7045°490915View Map
Dorthae DamDamN37.0018°W84.1006°511871View Map
Elmer Davis Lake DamDamN38.4948°W84.8821°2728754View Map
Fishtrap DamDamN37.4316°W82.4164°492139View Map
Grayson DamDamN38.2539°W82.9839°493223View Map
Green River Lock Number 6 (historical)DamN37.2064°W86.2608°517153View Map
Greenup Locks and DamDamN38.6479°W82.8609°517167View Map
John T. Myers Lock and DamDamN37.7928°W87.9914°2743605View Map
Kentucky DamDamN37.0130°W88.2693°495666View Map
Lock 9DamN37.8433°W84.4409°496924View Map
Lock and Dam Number 1DamN37.8584°W87.4100°517211View Map
Lock and Dam Number 4DamN38.2122°W84.8730°517210View Map
Lock and Dam Number 48DamN37.8334°W87.6800°517213View Map
Lock and Dam Number 51DamN37.3567°W88.4781°517214View Map
Lock Dam Number 4DamN37.1834°W86.6314°517216View Map
Lock Number 1DamN37.0865°W86.5021°517217View Map
Lock Number 1DamN38.6584°W85.1452°517218View Map
Lock Number 11DamN37.7843°W84.1029°517219View Map
Lock Number 13DamN37.6021°W83.8328°517220View Map
Lock Number 14DamN37.5525°W83.7700°517221View Map
Lock Number 2DamN37.5317°W87.2636°517222View Map
Lock Number 2DamN38.4390°W84.9631°517223View Map
Lock Number 3DamN38.4170°W84.8807°517224View Map
Lock Number 3DamN37.2141°W86.9000°517225View Map
Lock Number 5DamN38.0527°W84.8308°517226View Map
Lock Number 52DamN37.1270°W88.6553°425139View Map
Lock Number 52DamN37.1262°W88.6542°517227View Map
Lock Number 6DamN37.9262°W84.8210°517228View Map
Lock Number 7DamN37.8297°W84.7236°2728657View Map
Lock Number Twenty-Three (historical)DamN38.6365°W83.7031°2362905View Map
Macklin Mill Dam (historical)DamN38.2173°W84.7972°2569662View Map
Markland DamDamN38.7766°W84.9643°446736View Map
Martins Fork DamDamN36.7521°W83.2579°2565751View Map
McAlpine DamDamN38.2832°W85.7806°497761View Map
McAlpine LocksDamN38.2781°W85.7922°517238View Map
Noes BreakwaterDamN36.9445°W84.2977°516609View Map
Ohio River Locks and Dam Number Fifty-ThreeDamN37.2027°W89.0413°517215View Map
Rough River DamDamN37.6199°W86.5012°502391View Map
Salt Peter DamDamUnknownUnknown2090198
Salt Peter DamDamUnknownUnknown2091595
Smithland Lock and DamDamN37.1637°W88.4304°1877395View Map
Structure Number 3DamN37.7086°W85.8276°509491View Map
U S Dam Number FourDamN37.9280°W87.3738°446759View Map
United States Lock Number Eight Kentucky RiverDamN37.7458°W84.5865°2557923View Map
US Lock Number 1 on the Levisa Fork (historical)DamN38.0250°W82.6240°2337733View Map
US Lock Number 1 Tug River (historical)DamN38.0703°W82.5503°2337734View Map
US Lock Number 10DamN37.8950°W84.2619°2557662View Map
US Lock Number 29DamN38.4573°W82.6085°2088723View Map
US Lock Number Thirty-Four Ohio RiverDamN38.7862°W84.1329°2362865View Map
Valley Creek Structure Number 12DamN37.6989°W85.8448°509492View Map
Valley Creek Structure Number 4DamN37.7150°W85.8697°517306View Map
Valley Creek Structure Number 8DamN37.6845°W85.8558°509493View Map
Wolf Creek DamDamN36.8681°W85.1475°507006View Map
Yatesville DamDamN38.1260°W82.6974°2337735View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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