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State: KY - Kentucky
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Feature Type: Capes

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This search matched 23 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Birmingham PointCapeN36.8928°W88.2081°487344View Map
Buzzard RoostCapeN37.6581°W85.6155°488544View Map
Chestnut PointCapeN37.5732°W82.4329°489461View Map
Cooney NeckCapeN37.8492°W85.2455°490046View Map
Cooper PointCapeN36.8620°W84.9900°490061View Map
Cumberland PointCapeN36.9651°W84.8311°490480View Map
French PointCapeN36.5962°W89.3184°517058View Map
Garner PointCapeN36.8287°W84.9336°492711View Map
Gourd NeckCapeN36.8876°W84.5899°512357View Map
Green River IslandCapeN37.9170°W87.5558°493293View Map
Hikes PointCapeN38.2192°W85.6272°494237View Map
Kentucky PointCapeN36.5698°W89.4979°495676View Map
Livingston PointCapeN37.0692°W88.5637°517321View Map
Newton PointCapeN37.5876°W85.6014°499455View Map
Panther ForkCapeN37.2940°W83.5424°514430View Map
Pig Pen PointCapeN36.8987°W85.0033°487226View Map
Pool PointCapeN37.2932°W82.3240°501067View Map
Ramsey PointCapeN36.9542°W84.9377°501563View Map
Reedy PointCapeN37.1845°W86.5272°501703View Map
Stony PointCapeN38.7773°W83.9477°504512View Map
The PointCapeN38.1101°W82.5940°505141View Map
Twyford PointCapeN36.8303°W84.9374°505736View Map
Watson PointCapeN36.5606°W89.5365°506290View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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