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State: KY - Kentucky
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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Big CanyonAreaUnknownUnknown2723123
Big Knob Lick (historical)AreaN37.0239°W84.7055°2725850View Map
Buckley Wildlife SanctuaryAreaN38.1349°W84.8550°2558217View Map
Devils GardenAreaN36.6429°W83.6155°490843View Map
Flat WoodsAreaN37.2251°W83.5991°512199View Map
FlatwoodsAreaN37.2809°W82.5213°492224View Map
FlatwoodsAreaN36.8284°W88.3713°2743713View Map
LaplandAreaN38.0934°W86.3297°495988View Map
London-Corbin War MemorialAreaN37.0876°W84.0769°516539View Map
Manchester Memorial GardensAreaN37.1593°W83.7771°516550View Map
Memphis Prospect AreaAreaN37.3714°W88.1325°513902View Map
Ohio Region - 2-digit Hydrologic Unit Code - 05AreaN38.6482°W83.5529°2730135View Map
PanbowlAreaN37.5668°W83.3741°500142View Map
PanhandleAreaN36.9870°W84.8430°500146View Map
Salting GroundAreaN36.8134°W83.5371°502842View Map
The BarrensAreaUnknownUnknown2743735
The CutoffAreaN37.5554°W83.3880°505116View Map
The ForksAreaN37.8240°W84.0880°505121View Map
The GladesAreaN37.5863°W84.2763°2557497View Map
The GladesAreaN37.3316°W84.5092°2725914View Map
The Pine FieldAreaN36.6135°W84.8365°2570102View Map
Toneys TowheadAreaN36.5001°W89.5167°517068View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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