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State: KS - Kansas
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Feature Type: Trails

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Arapaho Park TrailTrailUnknownUnknown2098904
Bittersweet TrailTrailN38.8966°W94.8418°2098905View Map
Black Bob Park LoopTrailUnknownUnknown2098906
Butterfield Overland TrailTrailN38.7467°W100.5337°485225View Map
Calamity Line Park LoopTrailUnknownUnknown2098907
Calamity Line Park LoopTrailUnknownUnknown2098908
Eastbrooke Park LoopTrailUnknownUnknown2098909
Franklin SidewalkTrailN37.5326°W94.7049°2413899View Map
Frisco Lake LoopTrailUnknownUnknown2098910
Gary L Haller TrailTrailN38.9704°W94.8168°2098872View Map
Heatherstone Park LoopTrailUnknownUnknown2098873
Indian Creek Bike and Hike TrailTrailN38.9415°W94.6622°2098875View Map
Indian Creek TrailTrailUnknownUnknown2098874
Kill Creek Streamway TrailTrailN38.9639°W94.9694°2098876View Map
Lower Ridge TrailTrailN38.8957°W94.8426°2098877View Map
Mahaffie Creek TrailTrailUnknownUnknown2098878
Mahaffie Pond LoopTrailUnknownUnknown2098879
North Walnut Park LoopTrailUnknownUnknown2098880
Oregon TrailTrailN39.0167°W94.6255°482638View Map
Prairie Center Park TrailTrailUnknownUnknown2098881
Santa Fe TrailTrailN37.1436°W101.8546°485362View Map
South TrailTrailN38.8934°W94.8382°2098883View Map
Southdowns Park TrailTrailUnknownUnknown2098882
Tomahawk Creek TrailTrailN38.8752°W94.6884°2098884View Map
Turkey Creek Streamway TrailTrailN39.0042°W94.6993°2098886View Map
Two Trails Park LoopTrailUnknownUnknown2098885
Upper Ridge TrailTrailN38.8954°W94.8428°2098887View Map
Veterans Memorial Park LoopTrailUnknownUnknown2098888
Water Works Lake LoopTrailUnknownUnknown2098889

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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