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State: IN - Indiana
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Feature Type: Flats

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This search matched 17 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Anspaugh FlatsFlatN37.9412°W86.5997°450633View Map
Buffalo FlatFlatN38.4184°W86.9144°431775View Map
Clay PrairieFlatN39.4025°W87.2045°447926View Map
Curry PrairieFlatN39.1867°W87.4203°447920View Map
Eel River PrairieFlatN39.2048°W87.1622°447923View Map
Egypt BottomFlatN38.7898°W84.8247°434046View Map
Harding FlatsFlatN37.9973°W86.5869°451012View Map
Hickory FlatFlatN39.2470°W86.2725°436100View Map
Lee BottomFlatN38.6451°W85.4444°437728View Map
Maple FlatsFlatN38.9087°W86.9506°438545View Map
Mills PrairieFlatN38.7862°W87.2728°448381View Map
Seven Mile PrairieFlatN39.9453°W86.4758°448357View Map
Shaker PrairieFlatN38.8417°W87.4875°448380View Map
South Fork PrairieFlatN39.9620°W86.5261°448358View Map
Vincennes PrairieFlatN38.6598°W87.5722°448379View Map
Wheeler PrairieFlatN39.4309°W87.1328°447927View Map
Willow Pond BedFlatN37.8931°W87.1444°446107View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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