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State: IN - Indiana
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Feature Type: Falls

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Butler FallsFallsN38.7034°W85.4736°431903View Map
Chain Mill FallsFallsN38.6945°W85.4719°432381View Map
Clifty FallsFallsN38.7664°W85.4363°432661View Map
Crowe FallsFallsN38.7112°W85.4641°433204View Map
Deadman FallsFallsN38.7231°W85.4591°433389View Map
Derbyshire FallsFallsN39.4717°W85.2208°433490View Map
Elkhorn FallsFallsN39.7787°W84.8647°434086View Map
Falls of the OhioFallsN38.2720°W85.7522°1940187View Map
Fremont FallsFallsN38.6939°W85.4691°434826View Map
Groundhog FallsFallsN39.6673°W87.0272°435525View Map
Harts FallsFallsN38.6770°W85.4583°435836View Map
Hindostan FallsFallsN38.6226°W86.8492°451045View Map
Hoffman FallsFallsN38.7526°W85.4225°436279View Map
Horseshoe FallsFallsN38.7231°W85.4569°436494View Map
Little Clifty FallsFallsN38.7667°W85.4341°438015View Map
Lower Cataract FallsFallsN39.4424°W86.8194°438364View Map
Shanty FallsFallsN40.7884°W85.8622°443290View Map
Tunnel FallsFallsN38.7612°W85.4283°444951View Map
Upper Cataract FallsFallsN39.4344°W86.8131°445161View Map
Vermillion FallsFallsN39.7009°W86.9071°452240View Map
Wallace FallsFallsN38.7576°W85.4336°445392View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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