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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Argonne National Laboratory ReservationReserveN41.7106°W87.9831°424576View Map
Bald Knob WildernessReserveN37.5538°W89.3738°2035045View Map
Bay Creek WildernessReserveN37.5499°W88.6230°2035046View Map
Burden Falls WildernessReserveN37.5819°W88.6445°2035075View Map
Clayton Andrews County Forest PreserveReserveN42.4425°W88.9568°424408View Map
Clear Springs WildernessReserveN37.5828°W89.4161°2035090View Map
Crab Orchard WildernessReserveN37.6060°W89.1051°424132View Map
FERMI National Accelerator Laboratory (historical)ReserveN41.8456°W88.2306°1959107View Map
Garden of the Gods WildernessReserveN37.6037°W88.3970°2035129View Map
Kinnikinnick Creek Nature PreserveReserveN42.4181°W88.9251°424410View Map
Lib Forest PreserveReserveN42.2545°W88.9129°1764732View Map
Lusk Creek WildernessReserveN37.5272°W88.5299°2035187View Map
Panther Den WildernessReserveN37.5920°W89.0794°2035244View Map
Roland Olson County Forest PreserveReserveN42.4036°W88.9543°424411View Map
The Ledges County Forest PreserveReserveN42.4417°W88.9737°424407View Map
Waterfall Glen County Forest PreserveReserveN41.7061°W88.0023°426817View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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