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State: IL - Illinois
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Feature Type: Channels

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Aurora Chain of LakesChannelN41.7413°W88.3834°2089552View Map
Aurora Chain of Lakes Cherry Hills DiversionChannelN41.7525°W88.3821°2089553View Map
Calumet Sag ChannelChannelN41.6850°W87.8470°405380View Map
Canton ChuteChannelN40.0767°W91.4735°405561View Map
Farm Creek Diversion ChannelChannelN40.6790°W89.5789°2725042View Map
Fourmile ChuteChannelN39.6823°W91.2960°408592View Map
Gabaret SloughChannelN38.7314°W90.1729°408830View Map
Hutsonville Cut OffChannelN39.1203°W87.6445°410737View Map
Jericho Lake DiversionChannelN41.7331°W88.3758°2089557View Map
Jordan ChuteChannelN40.8284°W91.0757°1719544View Map
Lake Run North Of I-88 OverflowChannelN41.7997°W88.3908°2089560View Map
Lake Run North of I-88 Overflow East BranchChannelN41.8033°W88.3856°2089561View Map
Lake Run South of I-88 DiversionChannelN41.7894°W88.3864°2089562View Map
Lower CutoffChannelN40.7245°W91.1040°412713View Map
Mosenthein ChuteChannelN38.7164°W90.1915°736073View Map
Mosenthein ChuteChannelN38.7159°W90.1918°738288View Map
Old ChannelChannelN38.1700°W87.9120°414999View Map
Old Channel Wabash RiverChannelN38.1050°W88.0109°415005View Map
Old RiverChannelN39.8198°W89.2529°415043View Map
Schoemann CutoffChannelN38.1484°W88.1837°418098View Map
Texas ChuteChannelN39.8725°W91.4310°419612View Map
The ReachChannelN42.3881°W90.4390°1695225View Map
The SnyChannelN39.7873°W91.3524°1785348View Map
Union CemeteryChannelUnknownUnknown1990319
Wesseln CutChannelN38.0312°W89.4148°420776View Map
York CutoffChannelN39.1589°W87.6420°421582View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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