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State: ID - Idaho
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Feature Type: Swamps

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Ayers MeadowsSwampN44.4489°W115.3138°376790View Map
Colburn LakeSwampN48.3823°W116.6257°379503View Map
Corduroy MeadowsSwampN44.4601°W115.4773°379742View Map
Cub LakeSwampN44.1232°W111.1812°380148View Map
Dingle SwampSwampN42.1830°W111.3116°372413View Map
Dismal SwampSwampN43.7290°W115.3661°380619View Map
Donabahba YogeeSwampN42.0895°W116.1409°372440View Map
Frog PondSwampN44.7727°W116.3329°395404View Map
Goose LakeSwampN42.9402°W111.5070°376434View Map
Grays LakeSwampN43.0595°W111.4387°398871View Map
Iron BogSwampN43.6420°W113.7571°383751View Map
Lily MarshSwampN44.9477°W116.0762°401551View Map
Moody SwampSwampN43.6680°W111.4508°387127View Map
Oxford SloughSwampN42.2358°W111.9933°388071View Map
Pinchot MarshSwampN47.0414°W115.9237°397991View Map
Quicksand BogSwampN45.4927°W114.5426°393908View Map
Stampede ParkSwampN42.6694°W111.6259°395988View Map
Swan LakeSwampN44.1171°W111.0796°391722View Map
The SwampsSwampN43.7960°W113.7979°391990View Map
Thousand SpringsSwampN44.1366°W113.9207°392066View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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