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State: ID - Idaho
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Feature Type: Lava

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This search matched 24 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Bear Trap Lava TubeLavaN43.0092°W113.2873°371410View Map
Big Craters FlowLavaN43.4288°W113.5820°371492View Map
Black FlowLavaN43.4160°W113.4781°397446View Map
Blackfoot Lava FieldLavaN42.8130°W111.6836°377801View Map
Blue Dragon FlowLavaN43.4205°W113.5581°371615View Map
Buffalo Caves FlowLavaN43.4255°W113.5150°371759View Map
Crystal Fissure FlowLavaN43.4271°W113.5650°372282View Map
Derelict FlowLavaN43.3993°W113.5461°372385View Map
Devils OrchardLavaN43.4516°W113.5367°372391View Map
Fissure Butte FlowsLavaN43.3596°W113.4736°372710View Map
Lava CascadesLavaN43.4349°W113.5431°373521View Map
Little Prairie Aa FlowLavaN43.3849°W113.4808°399960View Map
North Crater Aa FlowLavaN43.4627°W113.5714°397949View Map
North Crater FlowLavaN43.4627°W113.5347°397950View Map
Sawtooth FlowLavaN43.3835°W113.5208°374913View Map
Sawtooth FlowLavaN43.3043°W113.4922°374914View Map
Sentinel South FlowLavaN43.3705°W113.4658°374954View Map
Sentinel West FlowLavaN43.3550°W113.4966°374955View Map
Serrate FlowLavaN43.4771°W113.4883°374956View Map
Sheep Trail Butte East FlowLavaN43.3505°W113.4497°374996View Map
Sheep Trail Butte Southeast FlowLavaN43.3121°W113.4425°374997View Map
Vermilion Chasm FlowLavaN43.3438°W113.4211°375700View Map
Wapi FlowLavaN42.8174°W113.1983°375722View Map
Willow Creek Lava FieldLavaN43.2409°W111.7642°375928View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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