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State: ID - Idaho
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Feature Type: Craters

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This search matched 23 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Alexander CraterCraterN42.6546°W111.7505°376526View Map
Big CratersCraterN43.4438°W113.5611°397436View Map
Black Butte CraterCraterN43.1841°W114.3512°395112View Map
Black Ridge CraterCraterN43.0144°W113.9611°371579View Map
Bowl CraterCraterN43.3349°W113.5172°371659View Map
Butte CraterCraterN44.2460°W111.8377°371818View Map
Cinder PitCraterN43.3638°W112.7083°372026View Map
Cottrells BlowoutCraterN42.9919°W113.1908°372175View Map
Crater HoleCraterN42.1616°W115.5256°372241View Map
Crater RingsCraterN43.1902°W115.8543°372248View Map
Echo CraterCraterN43.3952°W113.5117°372585View Map
Henrys Fork CalderaCraterN44.3069°W111.3893°2760336View Map
Hog Hollow CraterCraterN43.9706°W111.4536°2702015View Map
Horse ButteCraterN43.0105°W113.1931°373138View Map
Island Park CalderaCraterN44.2973°W111.2941°2760337View Map
Morgan CraterCraterN44.2988°W111.9939°400005View Map
North CraterCraterN43.4513°W113.5636°374182View Map
Snowdrift CraterCraterN43.3346°W113.5550°375099View Map
The Blow OutCraterN43.1455°W113.7720°397242View Map
The CraterCraterN42.7888°W113.8047°375464View Map
The CraterCraterN44.2949°W112.1542°391958View Map
The PotholeCraterN43.2455°W114.8565°375474View Map
Winters BlowoutCraterN42.8932°W113.1072°375974View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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