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State: ID - Idaho
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Feature Type: Beaches

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Amos BenchBeachN46.5021°W116.5913°371230View Map
Big BenchBeachN46.2718°W116.9563°371477View Map
Bronco BeachBeachN42.9357°W112.6889°371709View Map
Compressor Station BenchBeachN42.8221°W112.7036°372102View Map
Egin BenchBeachN43.9430°W111.8125°372596View Map
Honeysuckle BeachBeachN47.7535°W116.7557°383289View Map
Hot Springs BenchBeachN42.3155°W115.6823°373167View Map
Lava PointBeachN43.1427°W113.5806°373526View Map
North BeachBeachN44.9941°W116.0671°387616View Map
Palisades BenchBeachN43.3983°W111.2466°388133View Map
Preston BeachBeachN47.7710°W116.6771°388859View Map
Rainbow BeachBeachN42.8813°W112.7155°374568View Map
Red LedgeBeachN45.2271°W116.6665°389208View Map
Sanders BeachBeachN47.6660°W116.7713°389903View Map
Sandy Point BeachBeachN43.5307°W116.0582°398096View Map
Silver BeachBeachN47.6596°W116.7421°390412View Map
Steamboat SummitBeachN45.2452°W115.7465°391394View Map
Sylvan BeachBeachN44.9568°W116.0954°391787View Map
Wheatgrass BenchBeachN42.8255°W112.6605°375850View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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