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State: IA - Iowa
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Feature Type: Swamps

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Black Hawk MarshSwampN42.2675°W95.0475°454660View Map
Dismal SwampSwampN43.2883°W94.1111°455926View Map
East SloughSwampN43.3255°W94.6778°1822871View Map
Fallow MarshSwampN43.1889°W94.8064°456534View Map
Fisher LakeSwampN41.6821°W93.6575°456619View Map
Greenwood MarshSwampN43.2700°W94.3039°1925093View Map
Impassable Marsh (historical)SwampN42.7375°W94.0405°464004View Map
John Deere MarshSwampN42.5786°W90.6919°2730022View Map
Kiowa MarshSwampN42.4603°W95.1061°458105View Map
McBreen MarshSwampN43.4777°W95.1669°1907523View Map
Michaelsen MarshSwampN43.2458°W94.0919°1925091View Map
Nahant MarshSwampN41.4912°W90.6375°2084098View Map
Perkins MarshSwampN43.1902°W94.7655°460084View Map
Rutland MarshSwampN42.7666°W94.2586°1926082View Map
Smiths SloughSwampN43.1864°W94.9333°461710View Map
Sutton Lake MarshSwampN43.4039°W95.5133°1907364View Map
Sweet MarshSwampN42.8199°W92.2324°2741781View Map
Wasmund SloughSwampN43.4916°W95.7031°1907309View Map
Willow Marsh (historical)SwampN41.5769°W96.0364°465434View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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