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State: IA - Iowa
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Feature Type: Bends

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This search matched 25 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Barnets CutoffBendN42.2242°W92.0518°454363View Map
Big Sioux BendBendN42.4897°W96.4314°464389View Map
Black Bird BendBendN42.0655°W96.2795°464392View Map
Boyer BendBendN41.4487°W95.9193°464400View Map
Cavanaugh BottomBendN42.1095°W90.1846°455216View Map
Council BendBendN41.2692°W95.9206°464402View Map
Florence BendBendN41.3513°W95.9587°464401View Map
Gibson BendBendN41.1874°W95.9199°464404View Map
Lewis BottomsBendN42.1439°W91.8057°458302View Map
Little Sioux BendBendN41.7992°W96.0670°464396View Map
Lower Blencoe BendBendN41.8803°W95.1464°464395View Map
Lower Calhoun BendBendN41.4632°W95.9615°464399View Map
Lower Decatur BendBendN41.9944°W96.2245°464394View Map
Lower Monona BendBendN42.1158°W96.2706°464391View Map
Mahoneys BendBendN42.1736°W90.9349°458736View Map
Manawa BendBendN41.1869°W95.8539°464405View Map
Middle Decatur BendBendN42.0067°W96.2420°464393View Map
Omaha BendBendN41.2356°W95.9114°464403View Map
OxbowBendN42.1786°W90.9307°459974View Map
Sandy Point BendBendN41.6600°W96.0981°464397View Map
The BackboneBendN42.6067°W91.5615°462203View Map
Tieville BendBendN42.0208°W96.2381°464416View Map
Tysons BendBendN41.6032°W96.1142°464398View Map
Upper Omaha Mission BendBendN42.2042°W96.3559°464390View Map
Upper Sioux City BendBendN42.4875°W96.4086°464388View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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