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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Banwart PrairieAreaN42.8930°W94.3933°1926084View Map
Big Mill Creek Public Hunting AreaAreaN42.2725°W90.5335°464375View Map
Big Sioux Public Hunting AreaAreaN43.2025°W96.4684°464361View Map
Big Sioux Wildlife Public Hunting AreaAreaN43.3411°W96.5098°464368View Map
Blackhawk Bottoms Public Hunting AreaAreaN41.7345°W91.1218°464348View Map
Blazing Star PrairieAreaN43.0208°W93.1871°1940952View Map
Blue Lake Public Hunting AreaAreaN42.0264°W96.1522°464365View Map
Boone Forks Public Hunting AreaAreaN42.3105°W93.9269°464360View Map
Burns Prairie AreaAreaN43.1097°W94.7822°1925441View Map
Cayler PrairieAreaN43.3964°W95.2447°455218View Map
Cold Water Springs State Wildlife AreaAreaN43.4411°W91.9604°464357View Map
Colfax Public Hunting AreaAreaN41.6950°W93.2169°464373View Map
East Des Moines Access Public Hunting AreaAreaN43.3597°W94.4603°464349View Map
Elma Wildlife AreaAreaN43.2461°W92.5368°464377View Map
Erickson PrairieAreaN40.9611°W95.0614°1968655View Map
Faegre PrairieAreaN43.3264°W91.3071°456458View Map
Five Island Lake State Game Management AreaAreaN43.1552°W94.6514°467232View Map
Folsom Wildlife AreaAreaN41.0853°W95.8208°464366View Map
Heritage Rose GardenAreaN41.8394°W94.9830°1994892View Map
Hogsback Marsh Public Hunting AreaAreaN43.4550°W93.5583°464358View Map
Indian Bluffs State Wildlife Management AreaAreaN42.2167°W91.0768°464374View Map
Iowa Lake Marsh State Game Management AreaAreaN43.4930°W94.4380°464371View Map
Kiowa Marsh State Public Hunting AreaAreaN42.4603°W95.1058°1823207View Map
Koszta Access Public Hunting AreaAreaN41.8417°W92.2010°464376View Map
Lake Odessa Public Hunting AreaAreaN41.1820°W91.0999°464369View Map
Linden Township Cemetery PrairieAreaN43.3152°W93.7938°1925590View Map
Little Buck Public Hunting AreaAreaN42.7005°W92.1785°464350View Map
Little Clear Lake Public Hunting AreaAreaN42.7341°W94.8950°464364View Map
Little-Bit-of-Prairie Wildlife AreaAreaN43.0969°W94.8764°1925432View Map
Long Island Marsh Public Hunting AreaAreaN43.1833°W94.8867°467230View Map
Meadow Lake State Public Hunting AreaAreaN41.3805°W94.4377°1823193View Map
Miami Lake State Game Management AreaAreaN41.1153°W92.8477°464355View Map
Mount Ayr State Wildlife AreaAreaN40.6922°W94.3216°464354View Map
New Albin Big Lake Public Hunting AreaAreaN43.4764°W91.2601°464351View Map
O'Brien PrairieAreaN42.6764°W96.1003°1906791View Map
Prescott PrairieAreaN42.7494°W95.4253°1907149View Map
Railroad right-of-way Public Hunting AreaAreaN40.8686°W93.4952°464352View Map
Red Rock Public Hunting AreaAreaN41.4292°W93.0821°464367View Map
River Runner AccessAreaN42.9372°W94.5197°1925436View Map
Rossow County PrairieAreaN42.5430°W94.0127°1823209View Map
Rubio State Access AreaAreaN41.2392°W91.9521°464372View Map
Seneca Access Public Hunting AreaAreaN43.3141°W94.3980°464370View Map
Sioux Bend Public Hunting AreaAreaN42.4750°W95.7989°464359View Map
Smith PrairieAreaN43.0305°W94.2369°1925089View Map
Snake Creek State Game Management AreaAreaN41.9644°W94.2005°464379View Map
String PrairieAreaN40.5748°W91.6038°462035View Map
Swan Lake State Wildlife AreaAreaN41.7764°W91.6788°466693View Map
Teleford Prairie AreaAreaN43.0639°W94.7919°1925433View Map
Thayer Ponds Public Hunting AreaAreaN41.0228°W94.0641°464353View Map
Thompson Roadside PrairieAreaN43.3855°W93.7747°1925588View Map
Turkey River Access State Wildlife AreaAreaN43.3389°W92.0993°464378View Map
Turkeyfoot PrairieAreaN43.3755°W93.1802°1944556View Map
Upper Mississippi Region - 2-digit Hydrologic Unit Code - 07AreaN42.8612°W91.3174°2730137View Map
Whitehorse Access Public Hunting AreaAreaN42.3039°W94.9136°464362View Map
Wiegert PrairieAreaN42.5916°W94.5655°1925294View Map
Wolters PrairieAreaN43.4166°W95.6058°1907360View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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